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ICT Services For Schools

As modern technology has become an integral part of the way we communicate. It makes sense to incorporate innovative technology in education, to teach the next generation how best to use technology in their lives but also to enable more effective, engaging and relevant education. CompNow offers ICT services and solutions for schools to help education providers deliver a modern, reliable and secure learning environment.

CompNow is 100% Australian-owned and operated and has been seamlessly integrating tailored technology into organisations since 1990. We understand that schools need IT support to manage a modern learning environment and that teachers also require support and training to enable them to best utilise the technology.


Our ICT Managed Services For Schools

We have a team of highly skilled and certified ICT experts with significant experience in K-12 education. We understand the challenges that schools face and what their ICT landscape needs to look like to ensure the right solution and support are in place. And we know this is important to enabling more effective learning for the modern world and the best possible experience for both students and teachers.

With the right ICT solutions and services, these are just some of the benefits that schools experience:

  • Cyber security, ensuring staff, students and the school are protected
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Enhanced education delivery and more sophisticated learning programs
  • Better collaboration and communication
  • Delivering learning content across multiple devices, enabling effective remote learning
  • Better IT management with increased visibility, control and streamlined processes
  • Less downtime for repairs and/or replacements
  • Easier procurement and device lifecycle management

Our teams across Australia have the in-house expertise to provide full end-to-end ICT support for schools. We have systems in place and technology partnerships that enable cost-effective and streamlined procurement of ICT products for schools.

Case Study on ICT Support for School: Assumption College

Assumption College needed a resilient, flexible and cost-effective network upgrade to create an environment where students are curious and embrace lifelong learning. The existing network infrastructure was almost 10 years old, had no more security patches and limited integration for other tasks such as visitor management. Therefore, a move to Wi-Fi 6 was essential to providing faster network access.

The new end-to-end solution at Assumption College maximises Extreme Networks‘ cloud-driven networking stack. The platform delivers greater control and load balancing, as well as scalability and agility. And the upgraded internet capability added another Gigabyte link for redundancy in the network.

Benefits of our ICT support for Assumption College include:

  • Soon automating rollcalls, saving 10 minutes each class and improving productivity.
  • Streamlined visitor access using Extreme Networks Private Pre-shared Key (PPSK).
  • Wireless technology kits for staff members to allow for remote teaching.

ICT Training For Teachers

If your school has innovative technology but not the required level of adoption or knowledge, this can hinder teaching and your students may not experience the full benefits of your IT investment.

We offer ICT training to ensure your staff fully utilises technology to deliver education. It ensures teachers are comfortable and confident with the technology tools they have available to them, and to use them effectively to deliver content with improved workflows.

Our team of experienced trainers can tailor the training so that it is relevant to your school and can be delivered on-site, at one of our offices or at another suitable location.

Contact Us To Find Out More

Contact your local CompNow office for more information on our ICT services and talk to our experts about the technology requirements of your school.

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