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IT Lifecycle Management Services

Managing the IT lifecycle is an essential part of IT management within your business, no matter the sector. At CompNow, we have a specialist team of lifecycle management experts who are on hand to provide IT lifecycle services that give you confidence and control.

About Our IT Lifecycle Services

Supporting our IT infrastructure services is the most up-to-date technology and expert knowledge to keep your IT systems operating at their best. Our lifecycle services include:

  • Physical IT hardware lifecycle management
  • Virtual IT infrastructure lifecycle management
  • Auditing and explaining your current setup
  • Streamlining and procuring IT solutions to fill any gaps
  • Managing updates of hardware when they reach the end of their lifecycle – overseeing transitions using our 150-strong team of technical support staff to reduce downtime between systems
  • Securely managing data when it’s part of this IT management process – we can also supply data destruction certificates for your compliance records, as we offer certified data sanitising services.

Examples of our IT Infrastructure Management Services

  • Backup capabilities
  • Networked cloud server solutions
  • Security updates that provide peace of mind
  • Improved storage resources

End of Lifecycle Management Too?

Through SustainIT, we deal with all hardware in an ethical, environmental, and socially sustainable way, and on a large scale. This means re-using what we can – either in whole or for parts – and dealing with all e-waste in line with Australian guidelines. We also have dedicated charities who can take the older yet usable equipment and provide them as donations on your organisation’s behalf.

Success of Our IT Lifecycle Procurement

Thanks to CompNow’s IT lifecycle procurement services at the AFL have been able to move from ad-hoc laptop upgrades to a cost-effective IT environment for all employees. This environment included 700 technology-bundle backpacks where each AFL employee, in cities and regional areas across Australia, received a pre-imaged device (Dell laptop or MacBook), wireless keyboard & mouse, and an iPhone.

Due to our competitive pricing, priority delivery service and scalability (being a single supplier), the AFL had a seamless transition and our lifecycle services saved over 400kg of e-waste from landfill. Note that SustainIT (our IT asset disposition branch) was active in this procurement project.

Contact Us to Learn More

Learn more about our lifecycle management capabilities and how we can help enable your staff to work seamlessly from anywhere. Our end-to-end IT lifecycle management services include purchasing and deployment and end-of-life (e-waste) management.

Contact us online or call 1300 COMPNOW to talk to an expert about your IT procurement and how we can offer trusted devices for your business.

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