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Jamf Apple Device Management for Business and Enterprise

How does Jamf work?

Jamf is the standard in Apple Device Management at an enterprise level, as well as businesses, schools, hospitals and education organisations. Supporting Apple devices, including Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV, Jamf allows organisations to secure, manage and empower the end user with Apple OS support. This support includes managing devices remotely, connecting users to resources securely, and protecting them from malware that attacks Apple endpoints.

Jamf Protect

Developed exclusively for Mac, Jamf Protect offers endpoint protection to prevent macOS malware and detect any threats. Designed to defend your Mac against new and sophisticated attacks, Jamf Protect quickly alerts users of any malicious actions of applications or scripts.

Ensure Mac endpoint compliance and security across your fleet with the monitoring of security settings, benchmarked by the Center for Internet Security (CIS). This monitoring and detection provide context for investigations and quicker incident responses, which can include isolating machines or users, eradicating unwanted files and resetting security settings.

Jamf Connect

Designed to help secure Mac authentication and account management, Jamf Connect allows for a mobile workforce to access all corporate applications with a single cloud identity credential. This centralised system also allows IT admins to see all company devices, when they are accessed and where, for added security.

An added benefit of Jamf Connect is keeping account credentials in sync, between the Mac and the cloud-identity provider. This avoids password resets which are a common request and drain of resources on internal IT departments.

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How is Jamf different from other MDM solutions?

Jamf is a different type of mobile device management (MDM) solution because it provides an all-inclusive platform for managing devices. It includes features like device management, security, and compliance as well as integrations with other applications and services like Office 365, Salesforce CRM, Azure AD DS (Active Directory), Google Cloud Platforms, and more. This makes Jamf the most comprehensive MDM solution on the market today.

CompNow can help integrate additional workloads into your Apple operating systems (macOS and iOS) such as non-app store apps, custom scripts, user account modifications, patching, technical commands, patching and more. Talk to an expert at CompNow to learn more.

Get Jamf through Our Managed Services

CompNow is Australia’s first and largest Jamf integrator, with the largest and most certified team of Jamf specialists. We can help simplify your technology management with third-party support and managed services specifically designed to your organisation’s needs. Maximise the operational efficiency of your IT infrastructure with our managed service solutions, including on-site support, project coordination, system engineering, and more.

Jamf Pro for Apple Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Protect and manage your iPad, iPhone and Mac devices from anywhere with Jamf Pro. Formerly known as Casper Suite, Jamf Pro is designed to automate device management with a unified endpoint management system. Talk to our experts for assistance with everything from deployment to app management, inventory and security.

Jamf Now for Small-to-Medium Business

Designed for businesses with small IT departments, Jamf Now helps set up, manage and secure your Apple devices. Formerly known as Bushel, Jamf Now is a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) solution for iPad, iPhone and Mac devices without the need for dedicated IT support. Contact our team for assistance implementing Jamf Now for your business.

Jamf School for Education Institutions

Specifically for education institutions, Jamf School provides accessible management for IT, teachers and parents. Built on ZuluDesk functionality, Jamf School has a web-based interface for deployment, inventory and security of Mac, iPad and iOS. Learn more about Jamf School by speaking to our experts.

Case Study On Our Expertise with Jamf

Federation University faced security risks and inefficiencies with their existing management system, as their Apple environment expanded. As they needed a comprehensive solution for inventory, ordering, deployment and management of all their Apple devices, we combined our managed services, Jamf skillset and project management, and professional training.

Thanks to CompNow, FedUni now has the knowledge, self-sufficiency and management capability to secure all student and staff Apple technology. Learn more by reading our Jamf FedUni case study, or contact us about how our teams can help your organisation.

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