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Jamf Pro Device Management

Jamf Pro is the latest Apple device management solution and CompNow have the expertise to assist your business, government institution or school with configuring and automating IT administration tasks. Suitable for macOS, iOS, and tvOS devices, Jamf Pro MDM (mobile device management) includes server and software support that runs on Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.

CompNow are Australia’s largest and most certified Jamf device management specialists with 35 certified engineers and a partnership with Jamf since 2010.

Talk to our expert Jamf team today to see how we can streamline the management of Apple devices within your organisation.

Jamf School for Education MDM

Developed as a mobile device management solution for education, Jamf School offers accessible management for IT, teachers and parents. Built on ZuluDesk functionality, this intuitive web-based interface allows for the easy deploying and securing of Apple devices.

Other functionalities of Jamf School includes creating and managing users, user groups and device groups, as well as viewing in-depth information and diagnostics on individual devices. Read how we deployed and maintain a device management program at Ascham School.


Jamf Now for Small Business MDM

Focus on the day-to-day processes of your small business and improving your customer’s experiences with Jamf Now Apple device management. Given that Apple device management can be time-consuming, get CompNow to be your partner for a cost-effective solution to your business’ technology needs.

Formerly known as Bushel, Jamf Now is a cloud-based MDM solution for iPad, iPhone and Mac devices. Suitable for organisations without a dedicated IT department, Jamf Now is fast, accessible and affordable.

Jamf Connect for Larger Organisation MDM

Ideal for enterprise-level organisations looking to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Jamf Connect can streamline Mac authentication and account management. Allowing a user to simply unbox their Mac and access all corporate applications after signing into a single cloud-identity, your IT setup can be significantly streamlined.

Transition to an increasingly mobile workforce by managing and securing devices, and company information, without being on-premises. Learn more about Jamf MDM then contact your local CompNow team for expert advice.


Learn More About Jamf Mobile Device Management

As an industry leader in the technology industry, CompNow can provide tailored Jamf services and solutions for your organisation. Other than MDM (mobile device management), other services include; non-app store apps, advanced inventory, firmware, and user account modification.

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