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Unlocking the full potential of Apple device management is no small feat. From seamless deployment to sophisticated device management, the complexities can be overwhelming. However, with the right training, any organisation can turn these intricacies into intuitive processes. That’s where Jamf training comes into play, guiding the path towards efficient, enterprise-focused Apple device administration.

Compnow: Australia’s Experts in Jamf Training

Having established our footprint across six locations in Australia, Compnow stands as an epitome of excellence, expertise, and dedication in delivering world-class Jamf training courses. Drawing from decades of experience in IT, we have etched our reputation for devising innovative, tailor-made solutions that resonate with the ever-evolving technological landscape. Our success lies in a collaborative approach, fostering long-term success, unrivalled value, and enduring partnerships.


Get Jamf Training for Your Organisation

Any organisation venturing into the realm of Jamf, be it newcomers or seasoned users, requires comprehensive Jamf pro training. By investing in such training, your IT department and Mac admins gain the capacity to refine processes, enhance productivity, and harness the full spectrum of functionalities Jamf technology promises. Further to this, our commitment extends beyond just offering training; we ensure your organisation derives tangible, impactful outcomes from the Jamf technology suite.

About Our Jamf Training Courses

Offering more than just superficial knowledge, our Jamf courses are immersive experiences tailored to resonate with your organisational ethos. With the distinction of housing the highest number of Jamf Pro-certified technicians in Australia, our certifications set the global benchmark in industry standards.

  • Jamf 200: Perfectly crafted for both budding and established Apple administrators, this Jamf Pro training course offers a comprehensive exploration of the macOS and iOS platforms. Attendees are empowered with hands-on skills to execute everyday management tasks seamlessly using Jamf Pro.
  • Jamf 300: A step up in complexity, this Jamf class delves deep into advanced macOS management. Participants journey through the intricate realms of macOS and iOS management capabilities, broadening their horizons in Jamf Pro’s potential.
  • Jamf 400: Tailored for the connoisseurs in Jamf Pro administration, this avant-garde Jamf training course is an engaging confluence of knowledge and practicality. Attendees not only hone their existing skillsets but also venture into the advanced terrains of Apple device management in the corporate ecosystem.

A testament to our prowess in Jamf courses is best illustrated by real-world implementations. The Ascham School case study stands as a gleaming example, spotlighting our proficiency in transforming organisational challenges into success stories through our bespoke Jamf training courses.

Adapting to Modern Needs: Jamf Online Training

Understanding the dynamic needs of modern enterprises, we’ve diversified our training avenues. While our physical presence spans Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, and Sydney, we’ve also ventured into the digital domain. For organisations preferring a virtual training modality, our Jamf online training stands ready to accommodate. A conversation with us can unlock bespoke training solutions, tailored impeccably to cater to your unique requirements.

Talk To Us About Our Jamf Training Courses

Understanding Apple device management and being equipped with the right knowledge can make all the difference. Our unparalleled expertise in Jamf training stands as your trusted partner. By aligning with us, you’re not just choosing a training provider; you’re embracing a partnership destined for success. Contact us for more information and a discussion with our professional training team.

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