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Laptop Buyback Offer

Lifecycle management and laptop buyback solutions enable you to get the most out of your IT investments whilst also minimising environmental impact. Below is information on our laptop buyback program and how we offer competitive and environmentally sustainable laptop buyback offers.

CompNow is 100% Australian owned & operated. For over 30 years we have been helping clients to implement innovative IT solutions based on the latest technology. We have over 150 technically certified staff, over 217 certifications and work with over 22 vendors. Whether you’re looking for an HP laptop buyback offer, Dell laptop buyback offer or Asus laptop buyback, our laptop buyback program enables us to offer buyback solutions across a wide range of brands – here is how it works


Enquire About Our Laptop Buyback Program Today

If you’re looking for the best laptop buyback offer including HP laptop buyback offers, Dell laptop buyback offers or Asus laptop buyback offers contact us today to ask about our laptop buyback program.

Call 1300COMPNOW or fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Laptop Buyback Program

SustainIT is an extension of CompNow, established in 2019. The program enables us to provide easy, convenient and cost-effective laptop buyback offers that ensures your old or unwanted laptops are re-sold, re-purposed or recycled responsibly.

Lifecycle process of our laptop buyback program:

  1. Identify EOL assets or assets that are no longer required
  2. Contact us to arrange a free 14 day fully inclusive indicative quote
  3. Once accepted, we collect and transport your assets securely to our facilities
  4. We conduct a detailed, auditable assessment and securely cleanse assets of all data and identity
  5. We offer a formal, itemised assessment & laptop buyback offer
  6. Once accepted we arrange remittance with you
  7. We refurbish, resell, re-use or recycle the assets

Because we have a broad network of marketplaces & buyers we are able to sell or re-use almost all assets we acquire. This also enables us to offer competitive market-leading laptop buyback offers for your old laptops.

Our eWaste management process meets all Australian eWaste regulations – all on-sold devices are packaged in reused and/or recycled materials, we arrange repair of broken machines where possible and donate items to keep as much e-waste out of landfill as possible. We also ensure your data and identity is protected through certified data destruction (certificates available).

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