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Microsoft Office 365 Training

Office 365 training enables your business or organisation to develop the skills to best utilise Microsoft Office 365 so you get the most out of your software. CompNow is a Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner and Microsoft Innovative Educator Training Centre offering Microsoft Office 365 training tailored to your business’ or organisation’s requirements. Below is information on our Microsoft Office 365 training and where our Office 365 training centres are based.

We are 100% Australian owned & operated and help organisations right across Australia with six office locations (Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth and Sydney). We have been in operation for over 30 years and provide customised procurement, deployment & support services for Education, Government and Business. We received the Microsoft Surface – Global Modern Solutions Partner of the Year award in 2020 that recognises Microsoft partners who demonstrate excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Features of our Microsoft Office 365 training include:


Our Microsoft Office 365 Training

Our Microsoft Office 365 Training is ideal for educators and schools with an Office 365 environment. We can tailor training around a strategic training agenda to suit your needs and can build sessions starting with a 2 hour session right through to half or full day sessions. The topics we can cover (not limited to these) include:

  • OneDrive – Discover what the cloud is, what we use it for and what the benefits of moving to the cloud are
  • Office 365 Online & Desktop apps – This training covers One Drive, screen capture, sharing, best practice for Sharing and versions
  • OneNote – This Microsoft Office 365 Training teaches you how to organise, create, collaborate and more using OneNote
  • Microsoft Teams – Discover how to share online interactive and essential documents & resources, plan and allocate tasks & assignments all whilst automatically filing conversations and documents by subject

We have Office 365 training centres in the following locations; Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth and Sydney.

We can also conduct training onsite (a call-out fee applies for onsite delivery) or other suitable locations if required.

Download our Professional Learning Capabilities (PDF) for detailed information on how we can help your business or organisation. Our Training Catalogue (PDF) includes detailed information on the Microsoft Office 365 Training we offer.

To see what courses are available, view our course list.

Contact Us About Microsoft Office 365 Training

Call 1300COMPNOW or get in touch with your local CompNow office 365 training centre to see how we can help your business or organisation with Microsoft office 365 training.

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