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One-to-One Computing in Schools

Now more than ever, IT is an essential part of education. At CompNow, our K-12 expert team understand the importance of ICT in learning. Keep reading to learn how we’ve empowered students and teaching staff through one to one computing:

Benefits of One-to-One Computers in Schools

One to one technology in schools is the concept that every student has access to a technological device as part of their learning. This might be laptops, tablets, or other devices. In a world where IT is an essential skill for all students, no matter their future career path, 1 to 1 computers in schools are not only engaging, but an important way to build students’ work readiness.

One to one computers in schools also empower students, by taking a passive activity such as watching a teacher write on a board or engage a single student in dialogue and turning that into something every single student can participate in through their device.

From a practical standpoint, it’s important for teachers to feel confident using this technology, and for the school to have confidence that students are accessing their learning materials through a secure network that’s ready to deal with large amounts of traffic. There also needs to be sufficient support available to keep these systems running smoothly.


How We Can Help

We’ve partnered with K-12 institutions to ensure a streamlined, accessible and useable system for staff, students, and their families.

For example, we worked with The Scots College to roll out a 1:1 technology system of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil devices to its staff and students. This included:

  • Staff professional development, empowering them to confidently use the technology
  • Consultation with students to create a technological environment they’re excited to use
  • CompNow MDM & DEP ensured smooth rollout
  • Efficient management of single device fleet

Our K-12 expert teamwork with schools to identify their needs and tailor solutions to help their students excel.

If this sounds like a service you need, give us a call on 1300 COMPNOW today.

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