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POS Barcode Scanner Procurement

Advances in digital technology in the retail space have transformed the way staff and customers engage, interact and conduct purchases. Our team of experts can ensure your business is at the forefront of POS scanner solutions – aligning your retail technology with customer expectations and giving you a competitive edge.

Below is information on how we can help improve your business operations & consumer experience with a tailored and cost-effective POS barcode scanner solution and why we recommend Scandit barcode scanners.

Our Retail Barcode Scanner Solutions

With our retail inventory scanner solutions, we start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your business and POS scanner requirements. Our team will then work with you to tailor a retail barcode scanner solution that best meets your requirements, now and as you grow – all whilst ensuring a secure, cost-effective solution.

Our team is experienced across all aspects of retail barcode scanner systems and we work with multiple vendors and technologies – so regardless of whether you need a retail scanner for square POS or a fully integrated solution including procurement, device management and training, we have the expertise to provide a full end to end solution – delivering exactly what you need.

Our retail technology & POS barcode scanner services can include:

  • Planning & procurement
  • Integration & deployment
  • Fleet management
  • Managed services
  • DaaS
  • Financing
  • Servicing and repairs
  • Training

Benefits Of Having The Right Barcode Scanner For Your Retail Store

  • A Smart retail barcode scanner solution enables you to harness the latest advanced digital technologies
  • Greater efficiencies are enabled for your business ensuring you meet customer expectations and gain a competitive edge
  • Transactions are made faster & easier
  • Inventory control is much simpler, reliable & more accurate with advanced retail inventory scanners
  • Access to instant and reliable stock updates, anywhere, any time, delivering more informed interactions with customers
  • Mobile point-of-sale devices with a retail scanner enable your staff to complete purchases easily, anywhere in the store
  • Retail inventory scanners enable staff are able to manage and track more accurate stock levels easily and more effectively – boosting productivity, profitability and importantly
  • Your customers’ retail experience with your business is enhanced
  • Improved staff experience

Scandit Barcode Scanners

Scandit barcode scanners are a leading-edge data capture platform enabling smart devices with a camera to capture data from barcodes, text, IDs and objects. This enables businesses to automate and gain insights into business processes and allows consumers to blend physical & digital worlds and interact with everyday objects.

Benefits of Scandit barcode scanners include:

  • Increased employee retention and customer loyalty
  • A reduction in hardware costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved efficiency across supply chains, logistics and operations

As a Scandit Barcode Scanner Procurement Partner, we have the in-house expertise to deliver full end-to-end Scandit barcode scanner solutions from planning & procurement right through to servicing, ongoing support and training. We ensure your Scandit barcode scanner solution meets your needs now & in the future and integration of the Scandit scanners into your business processes is seamless.

We are experienced in working with clients from a wide range of industries & sectors and have the ability to tailor solutions across different technologies. As a Samsung Gold Partner, we can also deliver reliable solutions incorporating Scandit barcode Scanner technology with Knox Capture.

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