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If you have a Samsung device that needs to be fixed, using a Samsung authorised repair centre is important to ensure your device is in the hands of repairers you can trust. Below is information on our Samsung repair services and why so many individuals, businesses and organisations across Australia choose us for their Samsung approved repairs.

Compnow is a Samsung authorised repair centre with six offices located throughout Australia providing Samsung repair services. We are 100% Australian owned & operated, have over 150 technically certified staff, over 217 certifications and service over 35,000 devices each year. Here are the Samsung repair services we offer and the benefits of choosing us for your Samsung approved repair.

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Call 1300COMPNOW or contact your local Compnow Office to book a Samsung approved repair or to find out more about our Managed Service Agreements for fleet Samsung approved repairs.

Samsung Repair Services

As a vendor qualified Samsung authorised repair centre with trained in-house technicians, we provide high quality and reliable Samsung approved repairs. In addition to providing repairs that ensure your products get the best care, here is why we are a popular choice for Samsung repair services:

  • Our technicians have an unparalleled level of technical knowledge
  • We provide onsite service & repairs at our local facility
  • Serviced items are returned with free shipping
  • We do Samsung approved repairs for insurance claims
  • Our teams can provide troubleshooting & data recovery services
  • We repair products inside and outside of the warranty

Business Solutions for Samsung Device Repairs

For businesses or organisations with a fleet of Samsung products, we offer Managed Service Agreements as part of our Samsung repair services. We have the largest service and engineering team in Australia, can provide onsite repairs and can also have buffer stock available to ensure quick turnaround times as required.

As a Samsung Gold Partner, we can also help to secure your devices easier with Samsung and in addition to Samsung repair services we can assist with installation, deployment, fleet management and DaaS. We also have finance options available. Contact our experts for custom solutions to suit your business needs.

Compnow supplies businesses with the building blocks needed to grow.

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