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Securing Your Enterprise with Compnow and Fortinet: An Overview of Cybersecurity Solutions

Enterprise cybersecurity is essential for any enterprise organisation. Without an adequate enterprise cyber security solution an organisation can be extremely vulnerable to cyber security threats. Below is information on our enterprise cyber security solutions and how we can help you secure your organisation against constant cybersecurity threats with Fortinet.

Compnow is a leading Australian IT company offering procurement, deployment & support services for Education, Government and Business. We are 100% Australian-owned & operated, have been in operation for over 30 years and have six locations across Australia – Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth and Sydney. We partner with a range of vendors enabling us to provide the best solutions for our clients and with our strong partnership with Fortinet, we can deliver best-of-breed enterprise cyber security solutions for our clients. Below is an overview of our enterprise cyber security solutions as one of Australia’s leading enterprise cyber security companies

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Our Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions

Fortinet is one of the world’s leading enterprise cybersecurity companies and is a proven global leader in Zero trust network architecture. Compnow combines Fortinet’s robust and reliable framework with our team’s experience & expertise to create fully customised best-of-breed enterprise cyber security solutions for our customers.

Our approach to enterprise cyber security solutions ensures we gain a solid understanding of exactly what your organisation needs to keep you protected from cyber security threats. This enables us to create a comprehensive roadmap so we can tailor your solution to those needs, plan a seamless implementation & deployment and provide the right ongoing expertise and support.

Our Engineers and Scalability

We have an in-house team of engineers with the experience and expertise to design & deploy complex Fortinet enterprise cyber security solutions. We have resources in place that give you 24/7 ongoing support (both on and off-site) from experts that specialise in all aspects of enterprise cyber security so you know your solution will always be where it needs to be and your organisation continues to be protected, with minimal downtime if things do go wrong. This is why our solutions are particularly ideal for cybersecurity for small and medium enterprises as often, there just isn’t the right in-house expertise available.

Whether it’s an enterprise cyber security solution for a large-scale enterprise or cybersecurity for small and medium enterprise, each solution is tailored to your needs now, with the scalability to grow as technology evolves and your business needs evolve.

Additional Benefits

Benefits of securing your enterprise with our Fortinet enterprise cyber security solutions include:

  • Solutions that provide the highest level of application availability and performance over any WAN transport
  • Integrated advanced security
  • Scalable solutions that are always high performing
  • Complex large-scale solutions packaged simply
  • Centralised orchestration with complete visibility, analytics and reporting
  • Secure, fast connectivity and high performance too, in, and between cloud applications with Multi-Cloud On-Ramp
  • Zero Touch Provisioning that enables large-scale, faster deployment of Secure SD-WAN

Talk With One Of Australia’s Leading Enterprise Cyber Security Companies

Call 1300COMPNOW to learn more about our enterprise cybersecurity solutions and cybersecurity for small and medium enterprises. Alternatively, fill out an online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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