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Sleep Sounds and Meditation App

Wellful is an innovative sleep & meditation app that focuses on the mental health & wellbeing of your staff. At such a challenging time, the meditation and sleep sounds app allows employers to provide a useful tool for their employees to help maintain mental wellbeing. Below we list the features of the sleep meditation app and the role we played in bringing this app to life that promotes the wellbeing of Australian workers.

CompNow is 100% Australian owned & operated and has been seamlessly integrating tailored technology into organisations since 1990. We have over 150 technically certified staff across six locations, over 217 certifications and work with over 22 vendors. Here are the features of this fantastic meditation and calm sleep app that aims to improve the mental health & wellbeing of your staff

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Download The Wellful Sleep Meditation App Today

The Wellful sleep meditation app is available to download from both Google Play and the App Store.

If you would like to find out more about developing bespoke features or developing your app. Contact us on 1300COMPNOW or find your local CompNow Office to speak with your local team.

Features Of Wellful – The Sleep & Meditation App

We have a team of highly experienced developers that specialise in custom development projects, platform integration, analytics and mobile app creation. This expert team worked closely with Mindfulness expert & meditation master Matt Hopper and Compulsive media to bring the Wellful meditation and calm sleep app to the market. The meditation and sleep sounds app was developed as a mobile app so staff can use it on demand.

Through immersive sound mediations and a combination of storytelling, mindfulness and technology the app is designed to relax the mind and body while teaching mindful listening skills. The Wellful meditation and calm sleep app feature Australian theme genres and a catalogue of high-quality wellness experience content including:

  • An introduction to mindfulness course
  • Sleep meditations
  • Movement meditations
  • Body scan meditations
  • Breathing space meditations
  • Expanding awareness meditations

The sleep meditation app includes many other mindfulness practices and we can also create bespoke content designed specifically for your staff.

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