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For universities, it is crucial to have the right university IT support and infrastructure in place to ensure effective communication, collaboration and content delivery – especially when it comes to increased demand around remote learning, for both students and staff. Below, is information on our university IT services and how we help institutes around Australia to implement reliable and secure IT solutions based on state-of-the-art technology.

CompNow is 100% Australian owned & operated and has been seamlessly integrating tailored technology into organisations since 1990. We have over 150 technically certified staff, over 217 certifications and work with over 22 vendors. Here is the IT support for universities that we provide


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University IT Services

Having provided IT support for universities across Australia, our team of experts understands the challenges and needs that universities experience when it comes to their IT infrastructure. We have the expertise to implement end-to-end solutions covering all aspects of technology within your institution. We understand the importance of having reliable and efficient operations in place to meet administration demands and streamline the workloads of staff.

Now, more than ever, having secure and effective delivery of remote learning (across all kinds of devices) is vital. The use of devices has significantly increased and having the right management across these devices is often something that universities don’t have the expertise or resources to manage adequately internally.

We also understand that meeting the expectations and demands when it comes to communication & collaboration is important to ensure the very best experience and outcomes for students.

University IT services we can help your organisation with include:

  • Connectivity between campuses
  • Multi-device connectivity
  • Cyber security
  • Online content delivery through multiple channels
  • Ensuring a cost-effective solution
  • Managed IT services so you have peace of mind operations will continue to run smoothly without disruption
  • Lifecycle management

Our RMIT University Case Study is an example of how our university IT services can help institutions to implement transformative solutions that streamline processes and deliver significant cost efficiencies.

Our Macquarie University Case Study showcases the benefits of effective device management, in particularly catering for high volumes of devices.