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As remote work becomes the norm, and businesses expand over wider geographical areas, video conferencing systems have become essential to keep everyone connected and working effectively. At CompNow, our team of audio-visual specialists from audio visual managed services can set you up with a system that will make teleconferencing feel just as easy as (or even easier than!) gathering a group of people in the same room.

Benefits of Audio Visual Services

By now we’re all quite familiar with Zoom – but using this and other video conferencing at work can be a bit different to using it for a trivia night with your family. How exactly can video conferencing platforms change the way you work?

The benefits of video conferencing include:

  • Team inclusion and cohesion, regardless of location
  • Greater flexibility for staff
  • A more social workplace, boosting staff engagement and productivity
  • Saving time

With a quality set-up, video conferencing offers an experience that’s just as good as being there in person, with extra technological capabilities unique to video conferencing.

We work with our clients to identify your specific needs, goals, and pain points. We then tailor a solution for you, help roll it out, and provide ongoing support to ensure you get the most from your new video conferencing solution.

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Video Conferencing Case Study on Connecting Classrooms

Education institutions are a great example of workplaces needing robust video conference solutions. Sometimes stretched across a whole postcode, or with campuses across the country, video conferencing can turn a recorded lecture into a live interaction, and make remote group work a social learning experience.

Our audio visual managed services team worked with South Regional TAFE WA to find a flexible, affordable way to enhance teaching and connect their 12 campuses through AV management. Video conferencing allows students to meet with teachers and other students, and to work collaboratively regardless of location. For a TAFE servicing an area the size of Victoria, this is game-changing technology!

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Get in Touch

We offer a wide range of AV managed services, from retail digital billboard advertising to Zoom rooms in offices. If you’re looking to connect your workforce with powerful video conferencing capabilities, we’re excited to get you started. Give us a call on 1300 COMPNOW, or make an online enquiry so we can discuss your needs and tailor a solution.

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