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Ways to reduce e-waste.

e-waste contributes significantly to landfill. We all know we need to reduce e-waste where possible but finding ways to reduce e-waste effectively can take time and end up costing you considerably. Below is information on ways to prevent e-waste through our buyback programs and how we make reducing e-waste fast, easy and cost-effective.

Compnow is 100% Australian owned & operated and has been in operation for over 30 years. SustainIT is an extension of CompNow and offers tailored end-of-lifecycle solutions. Here is how we can help your business or organisation find ways to reduce e-waste


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Our Steps To Reduce e-Waste

Our aim is to keep as much e-waste out of landfill as possible. Because we have an extensive network of marketplaces and buyers, this is one of our most effective ways to prevent e-waste as it enables us to refurbish and repurpose most of your old or unwanted equipment. This also means we can offer competitive market-leading valuations for your equipment so you get maximum ROI. With the equipment we aren’t able to re-sell, where we can, we recycle responsibly back into usable materials, repair broken machines or donate items.

Our eWaste management meets all Australian eWaste regulations. One of our methods to reduce e-waste is that we also package on-sold devices with re-used or recycled materials. With our combined 50 years of experience, we also understand that minimising disruption is important.

Our programs have been developed to ensure the least amount of disruption – our low touch lifecycle process makes ways to reduce e-waste fast and easy for our clients. We also ensure your data is erased from devices securely, restoring them back to factory settings. Data destruction certificates are also available.

Lifecycle Management Services

Through our device & lifecycle management services, we can also make ways to reduce e-waste even more effective right from the planning and procurement stage.

  • Planning & procurement – We’ll work with you to ensure you have exactly what you need. By planning for future requirements and redundancies you’ll get the most out of your equipment and won’t have the equipment you may not need which also helps to reduce e-waste.
  • Deployment & maintenance – Well maintained devices will last longer so you not only get maximum ROI but also minimises equipment going to landfill unnecessarily.
  • Retirement & disposal – When your devices have reached the end of their useful life, we’ll use the steps above to ensure your equipment is disposed of responsibly.

Lifecycle Case Study

Our Hanes Australasia case study demonstrates how effective lifecycle management helps to reduce environmental impact by providing a solution that enables the highest lifecycle commitment for equipment.

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