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What is DaaS and Its Benefits?

DaaS is an IT management service that ensures your IT systems are as efficient, secure and streamlined as possible. At CompNow, we have 30 years’ experience offering customised procurement, deployment and support services for education, government and business. DaaS is an increasingly popular approach to IT management and outsourcing – keep reading to learn how it can benefit your organisation.

What is DaaS?

So what is DaaS in cloud computing? DaaS stands for ‘desktop/device as a service’. With a widespread shift to cloud computing, many businesses now access data, workspaces and applications that are cloud-based. Cloud DaaS helps to oversee the structure, security, uniformity of this system without any fuss.

Benefits of DaaS

Our DaaS experts are agile and reflexive. They understand the importance of tailored, unique solutions that allow your IT to embrace your business goals. Our DaaS plans also operate on a per-seat, per-month fixed term cost, giving you predictability.

Benefits of device as a service include:

  • Security: protect your data, meet best practice standards, and manage your IT security centrally.
  • Remote working: If you have a remote team, DaaS ensures that they’re all accessing the most up-to-date information from the cloud, everyone’s seeing the same thing, and they have access to what they need no matter where they are.
  • Fuss-free updates: Updates are fuss-free and take effect for everyone at the same time.

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