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WiFi Solutions for Schools

Nowadays, schools rely on WiFi not only for teaching but also to operate effectively and efficiently. This is why choosing the right WiFi for schools is crucial to enable a safe, secure and reliable environment – for staff and students. Below is information on WiFi solutions for schools and what to consider when choosing the best WiFi for your school.

For over 30 years Compnow has offered procurement, deployment & support services for Education, Government and Business. We are a leading IT company, 100% owned and operated and have six locations across Australia – Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth and Sydney. Because technology doesn’t stop evolving, neither do we. We always ensure you have the right IT solution for now but with the flexibility that enables us to incorporate new technology and grow as you do. If you are looking at WiFi solutions for schools, here is what makes the best WiFi for schools


The Best WiFi for Schools

When it comes to WiFi solutions for schools, there are some key factors you will need to consider to ensure you have an appropriate solution that works for your school’s requirements. The best WiFi for schools should consider the following:

  • Network Infrastructure; Having a solid and reliable network infrastructure is essential for schools. Schools need a solution in place that not only provides WiFi connectivity where you need it, but a fast and reliable network that ensures you have the least amount of disruption and delay. Ensure you have high-quality routers, switches, and access points with a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure continuity if something goes wrong.
  • Bandwidth Management; Considering different strategies such as Quality of Service (QoS) and load balancing will ensure you have adequate bandwidth management in place to ensure that all students and staff have equal access to the internet whilst preventing network congestion.
  • Security and Filtering; Security and filtering are important considerations for WiFi solutions for schools. Security and filtering tools such as firewalls and content filters protect sensitive data and students from online threats and inappropriate content.
  • BYOD and 1:1 Programs; Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and 1:1 programs can impact WiFi connectivity in schools. Whilst there are many benefits to BYOD programs, you do need to ensure you have a solution that provides a stable and secure connection with tools that allow you to manage these programs effectively.

Working with experts that have the experience and in-depth knowledge of WiFi solutions for schools not only ensures you will have a solution in place that best meets your needs, but it mitigates risk and importantly, you have the right ongoing support in place.

Our team specialises in providing the best WiFi for schools and works with several different platforms, technologies and industry partners including Aruba, BYOD student portals, CrowdStrike and CyberEdge.

We have the expertise to provide fully customised end-to-end solutions that can include data centres, WiFi & networking, security, storage & backup, cloud migration and enterprise software. Taking a holistic approach ensures you have the right IT infrastructure in place enabling us to deliver the best WiFi for schools.

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