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Zoom Room for Conferences

Are you looking to set up Zoom conference hardware at your workplace? With an increasingly remote and flexible workforce, it’s essential to use technology to recreate the in-person environment and also make the most of working online. At CompNow, our audio-visual experts can set you up with Zoom Rooms – a software-based conference room system. Let’s have a look at how this can work for you.

What are the Zoom Conference Room Capabilities?

How does a Zoom room differ from simply linking your laptop to a projector?

Zoom allows you to collaborate with clients no matter where they’re based, as well as looping in any remote staff. Having a dedicated room on-site, you can use Zoom Rooms for conference rooms. This is a software-based conference room system that pulls together video and audio calling, wireless content sharing, and integrated calendaring through hardware that suits you and your organisation. Zoom Rooms can also connect with platforms such as Cisco and Poly through the Zoom cloud, allowing those with SIP/H.323 setups to still benefit from your video conferencing capabilities.

We recently helped connect the whole of South Regional TAFE WA – encompassing a whopping twelve individual campuses, spread across the area from Bunbury to Albany to Esperance – through Zoom. This benefitted the teaching staff, allowing them to share content is dynamic and engaging ways. Academic meetings were quicker, more informative, and easier. This new technology also benefited students by increasing their options for collaborative work, improving social learning and group assignment conditions.


Book a Consultation

Let us get you set up with the powerful technology of Zoom Rooms video conference room solutions. We can replace outdated systems using a single engineer in just one day, and get you going straight away.

Call us on 1300 COMPNOW or make an online enquiry. From there, we can discuss your business and its needs, and find a video conferencing solution that best suits you.

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