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ZTouch Interactive Presentation Screen

Teachers and business professionals across Australia are discovering the latest ways to stimulate the imaginations of their audience. ZTouch is the latest generation, interactive touch screen that is rapidly transforming presentations and classroom learning.

Displays have rapidly matured in response to user expectations for resolution, connectivity, reliability and price point. The old whiteboards and projectors have been completely overtaken as they just can’t keep up with today’s multi-faceted, connected learning styles. Interactive presentation screens now have vibrant resolution and accurate, natural touch.

About ZTouch: The Latest Interactive Touchscreens

Creative exercises and dynamic presentations are at your fingertips with ZTouch. This presentation screen provides the ultimate sharing tool – covering your individualised and group presentation plans.

Education & Classroom Teaching

Large, high resolution touchscreens let teachers and multiple students simultaneously use fingers or pens to write and edit. The connectivity behind the ZTouch screens speeds searching for videos, pictures and other content to pull into original work. Multiple displays can be linked across the classroom and pushed to students’ iPads and tablets.

Your classroom environment is no longer compromised by projector failures, clogged filters or lamps blowing. You don’t have projector lights in your eyes and your students aren’t trying to work in the dark.

Suitable for K-12 education and higher education environments, engage your students with state-of-the-art technology. Contact CompNow for more information.

Corporate & Enterprise Meeting Room Display

Now a cornerstone for collaborative workplace practises, each ZTouch meeting room screen is designed to integrate directly with existing systems and software. Capable of connecting up to 50 devices, allowing 4 screens to display at once, and seamlessly switching between finger, pen & dual touch functionality, this technology is the future of conference room monitors!

Your local CompNow team can work with you, whether you’re a corporate SMB or an enterprise organisation, we have the expertise for all your IT needs.

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Interactive panels now truly fit within your budget and technology aspirations too. Licensing costs and panel costs are reducing year on year. Energy efficiency improvements have also made quantum leaps. And the long warranties are an indication of outstanding reliability.

Ensure you contact CompNow about your interactive screen needs.

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