Microsoft Surface as a Service

Manage the modern school with Microsoft Surface

Surface as a Service provides a simplified turn key solution that removes complexities around buying, deploying managing and securing device, allowing you to focus on driving better education outcomes.

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Your Education IT Challenge


Device purchases for schools can require a large one off outlay each year which may lead to problems with predictable budgeting


IT staff spend too much time imaging devices with SOEs where the devices have to be physically available in a single location


Support for devices can add additional layers of complexity in procurement and warranty administration


Device procurement processes where services and hardware are required, can be fragmented and inefficient

Your Education IT Solution

Predictable monthly cost
for devices

Zero touch deployment
No more imaging, ever

Modern Security management including firmware

Asset / Warranty

Technical training with the provision of a dashboard for your team to conduct activities such as :

  • Security assessments and compliance
  • Software deployments
  • Warranty status reports

Adoption training including:

  • Teacher workshops
  • Thinking with inking
  • Adoption of Microsoft 365 tools for teaching
  • Teams usage
  • Student study tips – getting the most from the technology
  • Surface tips and tricks – hardware

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Save up to 15% compared to outright purchases

CompNow’s Microsoft Surface-as-a-Service offering gives your school great savings while maintaining a single monthly cost including everything you need to manage your devices. Delivering a true turn key solution.

Finance to approved customers. Terms & conditions apply. All pricing is Ex GST. Per school term is quarterly in arrears. (Based on 200 devices)

  • Surface Laptop Go 2

    Starting from $130 per school term

  • Surface Pro 8

    Starting from $174 per school term

  • Surface Laptop 4

    Starting from $207 per school term

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Behind the scenes of your Microsoft Surface-as-a-Service

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Network Licensing Identity Enrolment Tenant Management Warranty

We know a Microsoft Surface DaaS solution delivers results


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    Focused on productivity in the workplace, not hardware

    Other companies are pushing solutions from hardware to software, instead, there is a focus on end-user productivity and collaboration (software to hardware).

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    One integrated and seamless Microsoft experience

    Surface hardware combines with Microsoft software solutions into a single offering that works seamlessly together, making it easier to train, manage, and support end-users.

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    Central point of value delivered across the value chain

    Microsoft delivers value across the entire value chain by using deep knowledge and expertise to deliver flexible solutions that can be tailored to clients’ needs, all in one relationship.

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    Flexible Financing

    Shift your IT expenditure to a consumption model - from capex to opex with our flexible finance offering.

Microsoft Intune

Intune is a cloud-based service in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) space, aimed at enabling mobile device and PC management in the areas of configuration, security and compliance.

Management of IT systems begins with user identity and Intune allows institutions to use Microsoft Azure Active Directory as the basis for an identity and access management system. This removes the traditional limitations of controlling data access to individual devices and allows users to access their information and applications no matter what device they are using.

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    Single Sign On (SSO)
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    Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
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    Conditional Application Access (if it contains corporate data)
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    Isolation of corporate data from personal data
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    Ability to wipe corporate data from a mobile application
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    Rights management support

Windows Autopilot

Autopilot enables you to provision new Windows devices so that they are ready for use as soon as they are out of the box and connected to a network – this is known as User-driven Provisioning. End users can be up and running with a standard set of common applications from the moment they turn on their new Windows device.

It’s as simple as placing an order with CompNow and explaining your specific configurations. Then once the end user unpacks their new device and connects it to the internet, the self service installation is triggered and the Autopilot profile assigned to the device is downloaded along with your specified applications and required configuration, making the device ready for use. No hold ups or over heads and additional security.

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    • Check bandwidth for readiness regarding on-day deployment
    • Deployment optimization is available (multicast)
    • On Surface, Office image is included, saving significant download
    • WhiteGlove pre-positioning (with tools targeted at device and not user)

Firewall readiness

    • Ensure Domain Name Services (DNS) name resolution for internet DNS
    • Allow access to all hosts via port 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), and 123 (UDP/NTP)

Windows Activation

    • Must be able to reach activation server
    • Run SLUI command to check connectivity

AAD connectivity

    • Check access to AAD servers

Intune Enrolment

    • Check bandwidth and network requirements here
    • Check out other required domains and IP here

Network time protocol access

    • Ensure that UDP port 123 to is accessible

Network Connection Status indicator

    • must be resolvable via DNS and accessible via HTTP

Check Microsoft Store/Store for business access

Check Certificate revocation lists

    • See Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges and Office 365 Certificate Chains.

TPM enablement

    • For each firmware TPM provider, make sure that the appropriate URL is
      accessible so that certificates can be successfully requested.


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  • Must be Windows Professional 1809 or higher on candidate device
  • On Surface, all commercial devices automatically qualify and have a
    signature image – no imaging (for example, StF) required again


  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription
  • Microsoft 365 F1 or F3 subscription
  • Microsoft 365 Academic A1, A3, or A5 subscription
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 or E5 subscription, which include all Windows 10
  • Microsoft 365, and EM+S features (Azure AD and Intune).

Security & Azure

  • Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 or E5 subscription, which include all needed
    Azure AD and Intune features.
  • Intune for Education subscription, which include all needed Azure AD and
    Intune features.
  • Azure Active Directory Premium P1 or P2 and Microsoft Intune subscription
    (or an alternative MDM service)


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Identity (People)

  • User identities stored in Azure AD (Primary), or
  • Azure AD Sync established for Hybrid

Identity (Device)

  • Device identifiers available for upload
    • 4K Hardware hash (customer & partner)
    • Tuple (Partner)
    • PKID (Partner)
  • On Surface, PKID is printed on the outside of the shipping box and 4K HH
    available via reseller


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Hardware profiles setup

  • Device-focused software, scripts via Intune
  • Software download via company portal / Store for business
  • Policies
  • Other setup

User profiles setup and assigned

  • Create user profile contents
    • Scope tags
    • Policies
    • User account types
    • Install software from Store for business or
      Endpoint manager


  • Autopilot assignment
  • For Surface DFCI enrolment* to take advantage
    of deeper firmware integration for management
    and assigning of certificate-based firmware


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Tenant considerations

  • Single versus multi tenant
  • Licensing setup

Span of control

  • Is it granular enough
  • Do scope tags limit control enough

Admin setup

  • Global admin vs User admins


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Uptime and maintenance

  • AV management and uptime
  • On Surface, enable seamless firmware updates via WuFB
  • On Surface, enable DFCI integration of firmware settings into Intune*

Other security

  • Apply policies
  • Enable TPM, BitLocker and Windows Hello
  • Enable Microsoft software features (A5, Defender)
  • On Surface, all Windows security is on by default


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Swap preparation

  • For some swap out devices, some image preparation may be required
  • On Surface, Signature image means no additional preparation required
  • For Hot swap program, develop a process for deployment of swap devices and replenishment

Implement repair process

  • When repairing some components of a device (storage, MAC, UUID), the 4K Hash changes
  • For a repaired device, IT needs a process to de-register the serial number, re-harvest the new hash and redeploy
  • On Surface, Identity changes with the Surface swap warranty, no further action required

End of life (decommission from organisation)

  • On Surface, because the base OS has been activated properly, an autopilot reset/device recovery will enable easy fall-back to the original license
  • On other imaged devices, you may need to retrieve license key – depending on deployment process
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Check warranty and insurance status

How to find your serial number?