Stop bad things from happening to your organisation.

Working with email security experts Mimecast, Compnow can assist in providing best-of-breed protection at, inside, and beyond the perimeter. Protect your emails with Mimecast’s security & archiving solutions, tailored to suit your industry.

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    Keep Email Safe

    The most advanced email security solution to eliminate phishing, ransomware and impersonation attacks.

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    Protect Your Web

    Protect against malicious web activity initiated by user action or malware and block inappropriate websites.

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    Train Your Employees

    Dramatically reduce security risks due to human error with security awareness training that works.

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    Protect Your Data

    Reduce the complexities of storing and restoring data for resiliency and compliance.

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    Detect Threats

    Detect the undetected and respond to cyber-attacks with more confidence.

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Move to the cloud with a single, secure archive for email, files & other content.

Mimecast Cloud Archive has long set the industry standard for enterprise information archiving, helping to keep organisation knowledge available, protecting and preserving it while simplifying management and administration.

By aggregating data across multiple platforms, institutions gain long-term business insights and create a secure, digital memory while at the same time reducing costs and risks for legal and compliance teams. IT teams can reduce administrative overhead with streamlined management and simplified data recovery. Anytime, anywhere access to archive data improves productivity and workflow efficiency.

So you can rest assured that your data is always-available, always-replicated and always-safe.

Mimecast meet archiving and governance objectives by giving the ability to recover archived email quickly & accurately.

  • Advanced E-Discovery

    Getting better control over your data is the ultimate goal in e-discovery. Mimecast Cloud Archive empowers IT and Legal teams with tools to quickly & defensibly perform Early Case Assessments and set your case strategy earlier in the litigation process.

  • Compliance & Supervision

    A modern approach to meeting compliance requirements safeguards your data, your people and your brand. Mimecast Cloud Archive helps you meet today’s regulatory, legal & corporate requirements quickly and accurately.

  • Enterprise Information Archiving

    Mimecast understand the headaches faced from data management, evolving legal & compliance challenges and the demand for instant access. Mimecast Cloud Archive unlocks the power of your information while reducing cost, complexity & risk.

  • Sync and Recover

    Mimecast Sync & Recover provides simplified administration and streamlined recovery so that you can manage compliance archiving and data resiliency from a single Admin Console, without the need for dedicated backup and recovery solutions.

  • Legacy Archive Data Management

    Seamlessly import historical email data into your Mimecast archive with Legacy Archive Data Management. Once in the archive, historical email becomes easily accessible to support improved productivity, e-discovery, and compliance needs.


Identifying & preventing targeted email attacks from entering your organisation.

Phishing attackers cast a wide net in hopes of catching anyone, while spear-phishing attacks are highly targeted and customised for their intended victim. Although high ranking employees are the most common targets, it’s crucial to protect all users as attackers aim to infiltrate your organisation any way they can.

The Challenges of Spear-Phishing

Spear‐phishing is the go‐to technique in the hacktivist, cybercriminal and nation state attackers’ arsenal.

It is an effective & inexpensive way to harvest user credentials, implant various forms of malware, bring unsuspecting users to malicious websites, impersonate trusted people and organisations, and collect useful intelligence about the target organisation.

Too many users are tricked by spear‐phishing emails to rely on them alone to consistently do the right thing.

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The Mimecast Solution

Mimecast offers granular and customisable configurations to fit your organisation’s needs and prevent advanced spear-phishing threats.

Mimecast’s email security solution helps detect and block malicious spear-phishing emails that:

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    Include both known and unknown or new malware.

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    Impersonate well-known Internet brands or external third-party organisations you do business with.

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    Attempt to impersonate senior staff members and push for the release of sensitive information or the fraudulent wiring of money.

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    Include malicious URLs.

Our knowledge and expertise have been seamlessly integrating technology into organisations since 1990.

Compnow are an industry leader with decades of experience in the technology industry. We work together with our clients and technology partners to provide tailored services and innovative solutions into your organisation.

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