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CompNow were recently recognised as a HP Certified Healthcare Specialist, becoming one of only four resellers in Australia that have this status.

We are continuing our support in the healthcare sector, supplying equipment & services to more and more local hospital groups in NSW, aged health care facilities Australia wide, as well as other procurement & services throughout Victoria.

This new status allows us to continue our growth, giving us additional support for their healthcare range, including their antimicrobial range of laptops, all-in-ones and monitors.

Contact our Healthcare Specialists, Peter and Jason, to discuss any technology needs you may have.

Peter Cannes
CompNow Healthcare Specialist
0411 085 415

Jason Daniel
CompNow Healthcare Specialist
0407 804 785

We also recently sponsored the Australian Healthcare Week Expo in Sydney where our National Sales Manager, Andrew Charles, gave a popular talk on Harnessing Transformative Change in Healthcare Technologies and we showed off our range of medical products available.