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We are excited to invite you to discover how iPad is changing the way we teach and students learn. Explore different ways to engage students with digital tools to makes learning more personal.


Find out how our creativity and productivity apps make it easier for students to demonstrate their understanding in extraordinary ways.


Discover the Apple platform for learning, where educators can create, customise and engage with students in new ways.


Learn about the key elements to a successful iPad program implementation. Join us to find out how amazing things can happen with Apple – inside and outside of the classroom.


After the Professional Practice masterclass, choose one of two break-out sessions:

  • Strategy

  • Deployment


Tea / Coffee & Lunch will be provided.

Networking discussion will complete the sessions.

We can’t wait to show you how to get started.


Register Now :

The events have drawn to a close – thanks to everyone that came along and attended.  If you would like to arrange something similar for your school – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

 Townsville – Friday August 12th : COMPLETED

Toowoomba – Thursday August 4th : COMPLETED

Cairns – Friday June 10th : COMPLETED

Brisbane – Monday June 6th : COMPLETED

Sydney – Tuesday May 24th : COMPLETED

Melbourne – Tuesday May 3rd : COMPLETED

Adelaide – Tuesday April 5th : COMPLETED


Check out photos from the latest iPad in the Classroom events around Australia.

CAIRNS-Masterclass BRISBANE-Masterclass

MELB-Masterclass SYDNEY-Masterclass