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Teachers and students will now have the freedom to create and collaborate in class directly on the iPad, due to new iTunes U updates released earlier this month.

The updates will benefit both teachers and students. Teachers can even use iTunes U to create courses and notes for distribution like never before. Teachers will be able to use iPads even more for classes using relevant learning materials from more than 75,000 educational apps available for iPad, including iBooks Author and iWork. Training courses and Apple PD are the perfect way to ensure your curriculum works hand in hand with the iPad. Teachers regularly make innovative and interactive content for students by taking photos and videos on the iPad.

Students who have access to private iTunes U will be able to collaborate with their peers and teachers through the Discussions iTunes app. The discussion app allows students to start, and participate in, online conversations relating to coursework. Teachers will also be able to moderate the discussions to make sure students stay on topic and any inappropriate or off-topic comments are deleted.

Apple Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue said iTunes U is a valuable educational tool.

“iTunes U features an amazing selection of academic materials for everyone around the world. Now, with the ability to better manage and discuss educational content, learning becomes even more personalised on iPad,” Mr Cue explained.

Ivy League institutions, such as Harvard and Stanford, also use the mobile educational tool for students and teachers to access assignments, lectures, tests and books that are relevant to the course.

iTunes U is also used in a number of educational institutions in Australia, including Australia National University. ANU uses iTunes U to make public lectures available for everyone to enjoy and stay up to date with new research and commentary from the university.

Digital publishing of educational books can also be created on iTunes U and corresponding apps. Oxford University Press, for example, uses iBooks for iPad to publish textbooks in a mobile-friendly format.

1 to 1 programs have become common place around Australia, and now teachers are looking to enhance the content and curriculum by using advanced solutions.