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The Global Mobile Device Management (MDM) Enterprise Software Market compound annual growth rate has been forecast to increase 23.95 per cent between 2013 and 2018.

MDM software is used to deal with the management, security and monitoring of mobile devices in the workplace. The software also allows information to be synchronised and shared among staff.

The recent TechNavio publication found that a key market trend is the development of new customer relationship management mobile applications. CRM systems to store data and information on clients in one central location, which can be a cloud-based option, and can help companies manage business relationships.

The report also identified the instigator and inhibitor of growth in the MDM market at the moment. The driver of growth was identified as increasing computing capabilities of mobile devices and the key challenge was the limited battery life of mobile devices.

The report also contributed the forecast growth to increased adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. TechNavio Vice President Faisal Ghaus said in a July press release that the increase of BYOD has allowed employees to utilise the technology to connect to the company network and enterprise IT departments.

Enterprise mobility helps organi​sations exchange data and information without time and location constraints. Because of the greater mobility these schemes provide, organi​sations have been increasingly adopting BYOD policies and related mobile device management solutions,” Ghaus explained.

One of the top vendors identified in the report was AirWatch LLC. AirWatch was also positioned as the top player in the RadiCati Group Enterprise Mobility Management – Market Quadrant 2014. This was the third year in a row it has held the top position. AirWatch had the highest rating for both functionality and market share.

Senior Vice President and General Manager John Marshall of AirWatch by VMWare said the ranking reinforces the position of AirWatch in the enterprise mobility market.