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Is your school running a 1to1 program, or thinking of expanding from class-sets to 1to1? Customised purchasing portals can have uses across a wide range of industries and not least the education sector.

Schools often have situations where they need parents to make payments, so have you ever thought about how beneficial it might be to have a 1:1 procurement portal at your disposal?

It can be used by both staff and students alike, making it easier to purchase IT equipment and other goods that you need for your school.

What are the benefits of a customised portal?

Your school will find there are various benefits to a 1:1 customised procurement portal, as opposed to a product that offers a one-size-fits-all approach.

Firstly, you could find your administration costs are lowered as a result of enabling parents to use the system directly. There’s no need to deal with various different payment methods – this quick and easy portal will speed up processing considerably.

There’s also an option to provide discounted pricing options for your school. This gives parents a greater range of products to choose from, many of which might be more affordable than the alternatives.

Users can be given the choice from credit card, direct deposit or personal finance – making a 1:1 portal a more flexible alternative to guide your BYOD program in the right direction.

You might be asking yourself how much management needs to go into your procurement portal. Thanks to the dedicated FAQ section, the amount of input you have to make should be minimal, as parents have a place to go to find all the information they require.

What’s more, the portal will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling parents to submit their payments whenever and wherever they find it most convenient.  CompNow provide scores of schools around Australia with their own customised programs. Speak to our specialists to ensure you get your choices right from the start.