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Software imaging and SOE’s

These have been used by schools and businesses for decades to deploy laptops and tablets for staff and students. And each year, CompNow has been providing and managing this service for hundreds of schools & businesses Australia wide.

The new operating systems from Apple & Microsoft mark a turning point in the ways in which imaging can be applied to laptops – both Mac and Windows.

Due to changes in macOS 10.13 High Sierra and Windows 10, monolithic SOE or “thick imaging” is no longer best practise. Instead, thin imaging will be the first choice for setting up standard environments on end user computers.

OK – but what does that mean for me?

Essentially a shift in workflow and infrastructure is required to ensure a smooth transition from imaging deployments the old way to the new way. CompNow can assist with either method, and we want to ensure that our customers are not only aware of the changes but are ready for them too!

Benefits of Thin Imaging:

  • Initial device setup is light or no touch
  • Use factory pre-installed and current OS
  • Harness the power of MDM software to deploy
  • No need to maintain a Monolithic SOE image

Things you need to do:

  • Have a plan for your operating system environment changes
  • Utilise caching & distribution servers
  • Assess your wi-fi and network infrastructure

Are you unsure what system you are currently using, or have questions about what is required – then let us help your IT team get ahead of the changes today.

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