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Apple DEP purchasing now available at CompNow.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are the first Apple DEP Australia reseller. Now offering Apple’s Device Enrolment Program, also known as Apple DEP.

Combining your Device Management software (MDM), your Volume Purchasing (VPP), and purchasing your hardware directly through CompNow, you can now enjoy true zero-touch configuration of your devices – both iOS and macOS.  That’s right, Macs are also able to be configured as well as iPads and iPhones.

CompNow have an extensive history of helping customers with 1:1 Programs and Mobile Device Management solutions. Now we can assist you bringing these together using Apple’s new Device Enrolment Program with your choice of MDM – Jamf, AirWatch and others too.

Talk to the experts at CompNow today to start using Apple DEP today!

Our participating DEP reseller number is : 6280D50


 The Apple DEP difference

  • Automated Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrolment

  • Lockable MDM enrolment

  • Supervision Over the Air (OTA)

  • Customised Setup Assistant when initially turning on your iPad


Automated MDM Enrolment

  • Zero touch configuration for IT

  • Immediately configure devices when activated

  • Require users to automatically enrol in MDM

  • MDM profile is locked to the device

  • Automatic re-enrolment if device is reset


OTA Supervision

  • Without DEP the only solution available is via tethering to Apple Configurator

  • OTA Enabled during setup

  • Setup wirelessly via DEP solution

  • Supervision provides greater centralised control of an iPad including:

    • Restricting access to iMessage

    • Configuring a global proxy

    • Allow or prevent users from deleting apps

    • Allow or disable access to AirDrop

    • Enable Jamf Focus

    • Silently install & remove apps


Customised setup assistant

  • Simple setup right out of the box

  • Enable users to set themselves up

  • Skip screens to further streamline the process including:

    • Passcode

    • Location

    • Restore from backup

    • Apple ID

    • Terms of Service

    • Siri

    • Sending diagnostics


Already have an iPad deployment or are just not sure on how Apple DEP can work for you? Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

Talk to the experts at CompNow today to start using Apple DEP today!

Our participating Apple DEP reseller number is : 6280D50

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