Customised procurement,
deployment & support services
for Education, Government and Business.

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Superior engineering services, at your place or ours.

With 40 technical staff spread across multiple locations Computers Now have the largest Apple service & engineering team in Australia.

We specialise in on and offsite warranty & non-warranty quotes, service & repairs on all Apple & PC equipment – from iPads to Virtualised servers hosting Windows, Red Hat & macOS. Our team can help you with complex installations support agreements, home/office wireless and IT planning. No matter how large or small the task we have the expert knowledge required – including premium guaranteed response times for systems you simply cannot afford to have down.

Managed service offerings for your organisation

At Computers Now we offer fully managed IT solutions, specifically designed to help your organisation get maximum value from your IT environment allowing you the freedom to focus on your business.

Whether your organisation runs 5 or 200 workstations, Computers Now will deliver IT expertise and professionalism to you and your business at every phase of your IT infrastructure development.

Computers Now will design networks, supply hardware, software, arrange training, design disaster recovery solutions, provide internet services including Web Hosting, Web design and total ISP services – all fully supported by a company with a wealth of technical knowledge and experience.

IT Infrastructure services.

Computers Now can provide Network and IT infrastructure design to ensure that your IT communications are up to the task. Our expertise ranges from the type of cable required for your LAN/WAN to the speed of internet connection, managed services, Data storage, managed routing and server systems.

The very heart of IT is the transferring and storage of information. The effective and timely communication services available to workstations and remote users is essential in order to realize the value of your investment whether you are a home user, business or a large corporation.

Sales & delivery support.

Beyond the box services are our speciality. Our sales and delivery models include all of the procurement needs from University to retail supply. Our account managers and representatives are always available to assist in making the right IT choice to ensure you have the correct system for the job at the right price. We understand that different organisations have differing needs when it comes to purchasing technology. CompNow can customise your procurement for any environment.

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