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Education & commercial finance.

We can provide multiple options when it comes to finance.

Fair Market Value Lease

If you want the latest equipment now and the option to upgrade every two to three years, a Business Lease is probably the right choice for you. At the end of your lease, you can return the equipment and get new equipment, or you can simply choose to extend your lease.

Master Rental Agreements

Our education finance program gives your school several lease options. Flexible terms make it easy to upgrade and finance multiple products at the same time. Manage a master lease on behalf of your parent community.

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Personal consumer finance.

Leasing with SmartWay means you get instant access to the latest Technology on affordable monthly payments.

Every day, more and more Australians use us to keep up-to-date with the very latest technology for their homes and offices.

SmartWay is the lease product provided by us. Effectively, it allows you to take advantage of the latest goods for work, study and/or your lifestyle, and stay up to date with new product releases. Since you’ll be leasing, rather than buying goods, SmartWay can provide you with a great way of always having the latest and greatest without the huge outlays that buying requires.

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FlexiCare Protect

The fact is, accidents happen! Things can breakdown, get damaged, lost or even stolen.

Through our FlexiCare Protect feature, goods leased under an active SmartWay Lease Agreement, are protected against theft, accidental loss or accidental damage anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, or anywhere in the world during a trip of 28 days or less*.

FlexiCare Program

If your leased laptop computer, smartphone, tablet and digital camera require repairs, you are entitled to “Loaner Goods” through the FlexiCare.

Loaner Goods will be provided to you within 48 hours* of your request.

*Delivery is to an Australian metropolitan area and your request is made during business hours.

With a range of flexible end of term options, endings can also be beginnings.

Because the agreement is a lease arrangement, you are not buying the Goods. This means you will need to discuss your options at least 3 months before your end of the Term.

Offer to purchase

If you are not interested in upgrading to new goods, but would like to own the leased goods, you can make us an offer to purchase them. You can offer any price but we have the right to accept or reject your offer.

Double Time

Double the length of the term of your lease agreement by paying 1 additional monthly lease payment. You can continue using the goods and enjoy the benefits of the FlexiCare Program for the double time period.


You can return the goods if you no longer want them. Goods can be returned to any of our warehouse locations listed in the table below. Goods must be returned in good working order2, together with all accessories and manuals at your own expense.