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Education & commercial finance.

We can provide multiple options when it comes to finance.

Fair Market Value Lease

If you want the latest equipment now and the option to upgrade every two to three years, a Business Lease is probably the right choice for you. At the end of your lease, you can return the equipment and get new equipment, or you can simply choose to extend your lease.

Master Rental Agreements

Our education finance program gives your school several lease options. Flexible terms make it easy to upgrade and finance multiple products at the same time. Manage a master lease on behalf of your parent community.

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Personal consumer finance.

Get the equipment you need now… And pay as you go

With no deposit and small monthly payments Flexirenting enables you to obtain equipment with the performance you need and spread the cost of using it over its productive life.

Compared to buying and owning, Flexirent gives you much more control over your changing IT needs. You have the flexibility to update to new equipment quickly and easily – even before the end of the rental term. If you Flexirent multiple items and only wish to update one item, this is easy to arrange.

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Cover against theft, loss or accidental damage

You are automatically covered should the equipment be lost, stolen or accidentally damaged anywhere in Australia, New Zealand or overseas*. Equipment will either be replaced or repaired.

(*Overseas cover limited to return trips of 28 days or less)

24 hour* replacement if your computer is in for repairs

If your computer* has to be repaired at any time during the agreement, simply report it and a “Loaner” will be couriered to you within 24 hours*.

(*Notebook computers as well as digital cameras are currently available as Loaners. Delivery may take longer to non metro areas)

More flexibility and better end of term options

Flexirent’s end of term and near end of term options give you the flexibility to manage your changing IT needs. Within the final six months of the agreement, Flexirent will endeavour to contact you and advise that you will shortly need to consider your options. As “Flexirenting” is a rental program, you are not buying the equipment, so you will need to choose one of the following options:

Swap and Save

In the last 3 months of your agreement you can upgrade to new equipment and Flexirent will waive the remaining payments. You simply return the old equipment in good working order and take out a new agreement for equal or higher value (remembering that you can bundle other items like GPS, software or a camera to reach the value).

Own the Equipment

If you would like to own all or some of the equipment at the end of the agreement, you can make us an offer of any price but we have to right to accept or reject.

Double Time Extension

After the end of the agreement, if you want to continue using the equipment, you can choose to make one more payment equal to a normal monthly payment at the end and you will double the length of your agreement.

Alternatively, you may want to keep the equipment and also take out an agreement on new equipment. If you do this one month prior to the end of the term and the new agreement will be of equal or greater value, Flexirent will waive the Extend Payment and up to one month’s rental.

Return the Equipment

If at the end, you have no use for the equipment, simply return it to Flexirent with no more to pay.