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Professional Learning

Curriculum Implementation & Consultation more_info_btn

Conversations with school leaders, teachers and technicians around ‘why’ technology in education, is critical to the success of fully integrating information and communication learning technologies in education.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for the successful design of strategic plans, including change management strategies, and designing professional learning models. We look forward forward to connecting with school leaders, teachers and community to discuss pedagogical and technological considerations.

Apps in the Classroom


Through hands-on workshops, our Apple Accredited Professional Development and Microsoft Innovative Educators will show you how to integrate hardware & software into your teaching practice, using 21st Century Learning and referencing the SAMR model for reference as developed by Dr Ruben Puentendura

Our facilitators are Apple Professional Development, Apple Teacher & Microsoft Innovative Educator certified and we offer an array of certified learning.

21st Century Learning Design (21CLD)


Recently our Professional Learning & Development Consultant, Karen Pastro, completed her certification in 21CLD, and is one of only five people in Australia with this status.

21CLD is a professional development program, with tools and frameworks to best support and promote 21 century learning & teaching and is ‘platform & device agnostic.’


Training & Professional Development


We’ve also developed a wide range of courses for corporate, education, mobility and design work flows and applications. Our courses & workshops are designed as a quick start, or a refresher, or an advanced session for busy design, business and education professionals. Our trainers monitor current trends and best practice to deliver the most up to date content to our clients. Each course is accompanied by interactive or PDF notes.

We provide our courses on regular basis across our locations as well as making them available on-demand.

We can customise and can even develop original training programmes for specific and unique software/hardware work-flow.

CompNow saved me hours and hours of time while developing my first App. My training was bespoke based on my experience with DPS & AEM Mobile – CompNow developed my sessions to align perfectly with that knowledge. The sessions were one-on-one and so easy to follow, at the end of my course my App was live and I have a very happy client. I would recommend CompNow to anyone looking to expand their AEM knowledge – they certainly know their stuff!

LisaLisa Wilkins Design


Certified Training


CompNow is an Apple Authorised Training Provider (AATP) offering certified Apple Training Courses on integrating, managing and supporting Apple iOS and macOS technologies. We have Apple AATP locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Cairns.

We also offer courses on integrating various solutions into corporate and educational environments.

“I would just like to thank you for your time and expertise for the El Capitan 101 Training. I would state categorically that this is one of the best courses I have sat in my professional career. It was excellently led by yourself and I found the course material to be really informative and beneficial to our support of Apple devices in our Environment.”

David, IAG Labs

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