Smart and intuitive digital signage with Smartsign.

Smartsign content management makes communication easy and flexible based on your needs. Build playlists with COVID messages, power BI, news, videos, images and your social media feeds or connected to other content sources to make updates automatically.

SmartSign tailor the solution based on your environment, such as a user access controls as well as a large range of device accessibility options. Alongside this the SmartSign advanced feature set is easy to learn to enhance your digital signage.

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Publish where you want, when you want.​

The only software you need to be able to publish internal and external communication. Easy to use and you can publish on several devices simultaneously.

Smartsign is suitable for most hardware platforms such as Samsung, NEC, LG, Philips, Qbic and Windows PC.

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  • Web-based interface

    Most modern web browsers are supported, and you don’t need to install any software.

  • Calendar-based scheduling

    Plan and schedule when you want your information displayed on the screens, f. ex. Mondays 09:00-10:00.

  • Automated workflows

    Monitor your files – when a scheduled file has been changed, the screens are automatically updated. You can also monitor RSS feeds, Twitter etc.

  • Extensive file support

    Support for the most common files, like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, video, HTML.

Three colleagues at a casual work meeting in a lounge area

Communicate on the employees’ terms

Good internal communication creates motivation, commitment and a will to change – important driving forces for us to do our best at work. Digital signage is perfect for engaging, sharing important information or telling something uplifting.

Smartsign Display Manager is so simple and flexible that the same system can be used by a manager to publish the latest interim report, a project manager to share a customer case study and the receptionist to welcome today’s visitors.

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Reach the students outside the classroom with Digital signage.

One of the biggest challenges in an environment with a constant need for information is to get your message through – Creating educational information is usually not a problem for a school or a university, but how do you compete with the constant flow of information in social media and inboxes?

Digital signage reaches both students and teachers, and the digital screens also help create a safe school environment and create a sense of unity among school staff. They are the ideal place to present material from the school’s website and to convey the school’s values in an attractive way.

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Inform your your residents, visitors and employees.

Give your residents and visitors good service and a welcoming feeling thanks to dynamic screens that have an informative and pleasant content. Show beautiful images from the municipality, list current events or inform about the nearest pharmacy, health center, library or church.

Digital signs fit in most areas, and can be useful both in external as well as internal areas where information and communication are important for well-being, participation and security.

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Get your message through to patients and personnel.

The way people are welcomed in healthcare facilities is important, so that patients and visitors feel seen and looked after. A person coming into the waiting room gets the correct information ahead of the visit, information about waiting times and can find information about what is happening and why there is a delay.

Digital screens relieve the staff, as the most common questions are answered on the screen. It is also possible to create a peaceful atmosphere by showing relaxing entertainment in the waiting room, as well as helping patients find the right room.

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Connecting & enabling people through technology.

Compnow’s National AV team works with you to design, implement and manage technology systems for the modern workplace.

With a focus on simple and easy to use systems, we will help you provide a platform for your teams to communicate and collaborate, both internally and externally.

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