Customised procurement,
deployment & support services
for Education, Government and Business.

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Our in-house app development team creates and builds customised web and mobile applications and solutions to your bespoke needs. Engage us to scope out and design everything from initial workflow plans to slippery UX and intuitive GUI design. We specialise in integrating your web and mobile apps with your existing business systems to deliver better results and improved ROI.

App Platforms :

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Windows

Cloud Services :

  • Sync & Backup

  • Web Design / Hosting / Development

  • Web Application Development

Recent examples:

Strong Body

Build your strongest body ever with multiple training programs designed by some of the world’s fittest trainers. Switch programs anytime to suit your goals or mood.

  • custom fitness application

  • unique backend exercise builder system

  • iOS, Android including in-app purchases


Adobe Symposium App

Adobe host an annual digital marketing event, with keynotes and workshops. They worked with our development team to produce an app for the attendees to navigate the space, see upcoming sessions etc.

  • Built on Adobe’s AEM platform

  • Using Adobe Cordova

  • Integrated into Trade Events ticketing system

  • Push Notifications and dynamically updated content without an application update

Pro Kinetics

Pro Kinetics Australia, an innovative supply chain management service for Australian importers & exporters, engaged with us to produce the full system used by Pro Kinetics and its customers.

  • full order / product / shipping container / airfreight management system

  • system integration with DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry)

  • 1-Stop, and other 3rd Party systems for automated order entry