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Why you need content filtering

The Internet has transformed the way the world works. From individuals booking holidays to friends staying in touch. From organisations dealing with customers to students being taught in school; many activities are hard to imagine without the web to support them.

However, Internet access can create risks both to organisations and to the people within them. What are these threats and how can web access control protect you from them?


Why choose Smoothwall?

Real-Time content analysis sits at the core of Smoothwall’s web filtering solutions, and it allows customers to be confident that users are protected without being unreasonably restricted. Smoothwall pioneered this analysis in the challenging environments of education, government and business.

Real-Time Content Filtering

When the content of a page can change from second to second, URL blocklists can’t keep up. Our web filter analyzes the content and context of new material in real time to prevent anything slipping through.

BYOD support

Enabling mobile devices to use the secured and filtered internet is becoming essential to organizations across all sectors. Our BYOD support means that any device connected to your Wi-Fi is filtered and protected, including: iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.

“Who, What, When, Where” Policies

Smoothwall’s policy engine allows unprecedented flexbility. For the first time, you are able to build policies based not only on user groups and content, but also timeframe, and even location.

Block P2P Filesharing

Peer to Peer filesharing can monopolize your available bandwidth as well as being used to illegally transfer copyrighted material. Smoothwall UTM and WAM solutions allow you to control the use of these applications.

Time Quotas

Time Quotas allow you to be flexible about the web filtering policies applied to your users. The feature allows you to assign different policies for specific amounts of time, such as a more relaxed policy during lunch breaks.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get complete visibility over the web activity on your network, and schedule automatic reports to stakeholders. Included across the Smoothwall range, with over 300 report templates, and the ability to view web requests in real time.

Central, Local & Hybrid Deployment

Smoothwall’s products are designed to provide complete flexibility in deployment.

Where a company with a large headquarters and many satellite offices may best suit a centralized deployment, an organization with a small number of quite large sites may choose to have a local appliance at each site. Large complex organizations may need a mixture of the two in a hybrid deployment.

Bandwidth Optimization

To make sure that business critical services perform consistently, and the user web experience is satisfactory, you have to make the most of your bandwidth. Our ability to limit bandwidth usage by policy can minimize the impact of streaming media, filesharing, and similar services without having to block outright.

Social Media Control

Social networks have proven to be invaluable for information and communication throughout the world. They can also provide distractions, and platforms for inappropriate behaviour.

Our social media tools allow you use these tools while preventing inappropriate content being either viewed or submitted on your network.

Link & Load Balancing

Social networks have proven to be invaluable for information and communication throughout the world. They can also provide distractions, and platforms for inappropriate behaviour.

Our social media tools allow you use these tools while preventing inappropriate content being either viewed or submitted on your network.

Swurl Delegated Management

There are some resources on the web that are useful in very specific circumstances but that you would otherwise want to block. With other solutions unblocking a page means putting a request into a busy IT department and potentially waiting some time for action. Swurl gives selected users and managers the ability to unblock content, meaning that resources are available as soon as they’re required.

Perimeter Firewall

A fully-featured stateful firewall featuring IPS, VPN (L2TP, IPsec, SSL), and high availability. With the addition of Layer 7 Application Control, the Smoothwall UTM provides a true next-generation firewall.

Email Anti-Spam & Anti-Malware

Available as an option across our product range, our gateway anti-spam and anti-malware gives you full email security.

Application Control

Not all problematic online traffic uses the http or https protocols. Applications like skype and various peer to peer filesharing systems can not be managed with a web filter alone. Application control (also known as Deep Packet Inspection, or Layer 7 Filtering) can identify over 100 common application protocols and and allow you to block or allow them.

HTTPS Filtering

Many websites use https to offer secure access to confidential information (online banking for example). However, SSL is often used to conceal anonymous proxies, phishing sites, and more. Smoothwall’s filtering ensures that no unwanted content goes undetected.

Central Management

Our Central Management facility allows you to administer mutiple appliances or clusters in different locations — all from a single dashboard.

Anonymous Proxy Blocking

Anonymous proxies are used to circumvent your filtering policies, disguising inappropriate content as something harmless. Most filters use URL lists which leave these loopholes open for days, and even weeks. Smoothwall’s combination of Real-Time Content Analysis, HTTPS Filtering, and Anonymous Proxy Detection gives you the most complete protection available.


ContentKeeper: Acceptable Internet Use and Policy-Based Compliance

Until recently, Web Filtering has centred on URL Filtering, or libraries of websites sorted into subject categories. However, this approach has a problem; there are always more websites to classify and Web content can change minute-by-minute. Today, ContentKeeper’s Web Filtering solutions provide real-time, high performance Web content analysis, utilizing advanced heuristics and deep packet inspection. ContentKeeper integrates a diverse range of powerful, policy-based controls to enable your organization fine control over web use on any Web-connected device, located anywhere.

ContentKeeper Web Filtering features:

  • URL Filtering List supported by Closed Loop Collaborative Filtering™ network
  • Policy management for BYOD and mobile devices
  • Real-time, dynamic content classification as users browse the Web
  • Full scanning of all Web traffic, including HTTPS/SSL
  • Granular Web application / social media controls for sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Google
  • File controls / Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) file content management

  • Usage quotas for individual time or bandwidth allocations
  • Roles-based / delegated administration functions allow relevant personnel control over their own areas of responsibility (departments, districts, domains, directory groups, etc) Coaching / warning pages to “gently advise” users when accessing potentially restricted Web content
  • In-depth reporting with scheduled delivery to automatically put meaningful information in the hands of stakeholders, when they want it.