Customised procurement,
deployment & support services
for Education, Government and Business.

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CompNow supplies solutions for world’s best practice corporate environments and workflows.

We assist our clients to develop their own strategic technology plans. We draw on our many years of experience as a supplier of  leading solutions to  small, medium and enterprise level businesses.

Since 1991 we have observed the rise and fall of many products and manufacturers – so we understand the characteristics that will sustain a product in the market in the future :

Solution + Support + Service = Success.


A selection of our specialised solutions for business, government & enterprise :

  • Secure file management for mobile devices

  • Scalable, upgradable WiFi solutions

  • Managed deployment of devices and desktops

  • Colour management services for the creative industry

  • Staff training including induction of new staff over time

  • Preventative maintenance and system health checks

  • Planned scheduled upgrading of hardware and software

  • Customised purchasing portals

  • Asset tagging and management

  • Volume Purchasing Program

  • Digital publishing solutions

  • Competitive leasing and finance

  • Professional development & training

  • Mobile & Laptop Insurance

  • MOE / SOE, virtualisation

  • Mixed platform environments

  • Trolleys, sync trays, charging docks

  • Digital signage & touch screens

  • Web and social media filtering

  • Service level agreements

  • Level 1 help-desk support

  • Warranty and repair services


Choosing the right technologies is dependent on having a rational technology strategy that is based on an understanding of the rate of change in technology products and the relative market positions of the manufacturers.

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