Customised procurement,
deployment & support services
for Education, Government and Business.

CompNow CompNow

Our large education team deliver solutions, support and services to every type of school and institution in Australia.

From  regional primary schools, to the largest universities, and every flavour of secondary school in-between – CompNow have decades of experience in this ever evolving market.


We build the right solutions for the educators and students of today :

  • Customised purchasing portals

  • 1 : 1 Programs – internally owned or BYOD

  • Digital workbooks & digital portfolios

  • Managed deployment & configuration

  • Master agreements / leasing & finance

  • Wireless infrastructure

  • Volume Purchasing Program

  • Professional development & training

  • Mobile & Laptop Insurance

  • Procurement and asset management

  • MOE / SOE, virtualisation

  • Mixed platform environments

  • Trolleys, sync trays, charging docks

  • Classroom sets

  • Web and social media filtering

  • Service level agreements

  • Level 1 help-desk support

  • Warranty and repair services


We can seamlessly integrate solutions with your existing infrastructure. Or we can start from a blank page and help scope your new program for you.

ipad in education

You want to take your institution boldly into education’s digital age. CompNow makes it easy to rally support for your plan – Mac or PC / desktop or tablet. Students, teachers and parents already love their computers, gadgets, and mobile devices – we love them too.

Your IT people will appreciate the simplicity of our solutions. School labs, libraries, 1 to 1 programs, administration departments. You name it, we’ve done it – and can for you today. Leasing, extended warranties, SOE images, Trolleys, Hard and soft security solutions though to Service Level Agreements – our experience is extensive.

Contact us for a list of referral schools today.

CompNow can make it simple for your institution to do all this – not tomorrow, but today.  Write. Blog. Post. Tweet. Your students are, so get on board – let us provide the ticket.

Contact us to discuss your needs – large or small.


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