Simplify the Mac user experience while eliminating support challenges for IT with Jamf Connect.

As more organisations recognise that the user being able to choose their own device can have significant impact on recruiting and maintaining top talent, Mac’s are growing in corporate popularity. This growth means traditional Windows based IT departments are needing to adapt and implement solutions to ensure Mac users work as efficiently as Windows users.

Additionally, with more and more employees working outside of the office – in cafes, airports or at home – organisations need a heightened awareness of keeping company data secure. Traditionally you would bind your Mac to Active Directory to maintain security onsite, however a mobile workforce means accessing secure resources is not as easy.

One of the common headaches System Administrators face when integrating Macs
into their environment is Active Directory Integration. This has led to a growing desire to eliminate the need to bind to Active Directory, whilst maintaining a high level of security.

Enter Jamf Connect.

Jamf Connect allows IT administrators to manage & secure user devices remotely, via a cloud identity provider such as Microsoft Azure, Okta or Google Cloud Identity. The ability to create local machine accounts synced with cloud identity credentials, including multifactor authentication, allows users to only need one set of credentials to authenticate their device and they instantly gain access to all their organisation’s secure resources.

Account Sync

Your account logins and passwords will forever be in sync, creating a harmonious & hassle
free account management experience. Every time a user logs in to their cloud identity provider account, Jamf Connect will make sure the accounts are synced.

User Provisioning

Keeping your staff productive while getting them set up on a new device can be challenging, but with Jamf Connect your staff can easily log in once and have access to everything they need to continue working efficiently, making their login experience a simple and seamless process.

CompNow & Jamf.

CompNow and Jamf have been working together since 2010 and have built a strong partnership that allows us to assist you with Jamf software confidently. With over 35 Jamf Certified engineers and over 870 Jamf customers, we are well equipped to support you.