Compnow’s Commitment to Sustainability

We all have a responsibility to protect our planet. Together with our customers, suppliers and communities, we are committed to making a change and creating a sustainable future. We have embedded sustainable and ethical practices into our work practices where possible, being accountable for our actions while driving improvements.

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Our Strategic Vision

Compnow strive to provide innovative customer solutions. We build great relationships and are committed to do what’s right for our communities and the environment.

Our electric vehicle fleet

At Compnow, we believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword but a critical component of responsible business practices. Which is why in March 2023, we were proud to have invested in a fleet of Tesla company cars, reducing our carbon footprint and showing our commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

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    Carbon saved (Compared to our previous fleet)

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    Reduction in emissions (Compared to our previous fleet)

*Sustainability figures updated quarterly.


How our commitment & vision is progressing


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    Achievable Goals
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    Executive Sponsorship & Employee Engagement
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    Company Sustainable IT Procurement Plan
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    Integrating Sustainability into our Business Proposals
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    Sustainability Communications & Reporting
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    Sustainability Training

Supporting renewable energy solutions

In 2020, Compnow installed a large solar panel system at our Headquarters in Notting Hill, Victoria, to help offset our carbon footprint and generate clean energy.

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    Total CO2 saved since installation

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    Average generated per month

*Sustainability figures updated quarterly.


Our partnership with Carbon Positive

Compnow have partnered with Carbon Positive to work with organisations to support their mission.

Carbon Positive Australia are a non-profit organisation, who aim to combat climate change by taking degraded, unused land and restoring the natural habitat in Australia. They achieve this by planting a mix of native trees & shrubs indigenous to the areas, located across the nation.

Planting trees offsets the carbon emissions we humans create in our everyday activities. Every dollar donated helps to revegetate and restore more of the Australian landscape.

We are excited about working together in this green initiative to reduce our global carbon footprint.

Learn More about Carbon Positive


trees planted

*Sustainability figures updated quarterly. 


Sustain IT

Sustain IT forms Compnow’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), remarketing and sustainability brand.

Our key focus is the recovery and remarketing of customer End Of Life (EOL) IT assets – providing minimal environmental impact, getting items back into the community and out of landfill.

We have a strong alignment to the values expressed in the Sustainable Electronics Recycling International R2v3 standard (Responsible Recycling).

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Our steps to reduce eWaste

At Compnow, our aim is to keep as much eWaste out of landfill as possible. Because we have an extensive network of marketplaces and buyers, we have developed an effective way to prevent e-waste, enabling us to refurbish and repurpose old or unwanted equipment. This also means we can offer competitive market-leading valuations for equipment, so you get maximum ROI. With the equipment we aren’t able to re-sell, where we can, we recycle responsibly back into usable materials, repair broken machines or donate items.

Our eWaste management meets all Australian eWaste regulations. One of our methods to reduce e-waste is that we also package on-sold devices with re-used or recycled materials.

Our programs have been developed to ensure the least amount of disruption – our low touch lifecycle process makes ways to reduce eWaste fast and easy for our clients. We also ensure your data is erased from devices securely, restoring them back to factory settings. Data destruction certificates are also available.

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Community sponsorship is a part of our culture

Compnow is committed to giving back to the community and over the years has supported a number of different charities and organisations. We are proud to be engaging and supporting the community through various sponsorship programs.

We also encourage our staff to participate in our community care program, where each staff member can opt in to donate a small denomination from their wage to support a selection of charities.

We are excited to be able to make a difference across a variety of worthwhile causes, not just with financial donations, but also with volunteering our staff when opportunities arise.

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