Reduce transmissions with CompNow Thermal Monitoring

Reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmissions with a contactless solution.

CompNow Thermal Monitoring utilises a thermal camera and temperature measurement solution to perform a highly accurate, full body, contactless reading.

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Features of the thermal monitor solution

  • Accurate, safe & effective temperature measurement, ranging between 30°C to 45°C
  • Detects up to 15 people at a time, perfect for high traffic entrances
  • Visual abnormality alert to facilitate back-tracking
  • Multi-person measurement for efficient access
  • Active, passive, remote & self-monitoring
  • Non-contact screening for fast pass
  • Fast set up, permanent or temporary
  • Accuracy 0.3+/- degrees
  • Camera TGA Approved

Why thermal monitoring?

Thermal monitoring cameras are used to identify human body temperatures, to detect if there are any abnormalities. This can ensure that any individual suffering from a fever, will be identified easily – without any contact or invasive measures. These cameras can detect multiple subjects at once, making them suitable for high traffic areas for quick & easy detection.


CompNow Thermal Monitoring includes

  • Thermal Camera
  • Black body for temperature reference
  • 2x Tripod
  • Software license
  • Delivery to a Metro address
  • Configuration & Installation

Desktop & reduced traffic options also available.

Virtual Demonstrations are available

CompNow’s head office in Melbourne is set up with a Thermal Monitoring solution, that we are utilising for our own screening of staff & clients. We are available to demonstrate this solution virtually, showcasing the detection in real time.

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