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We’ve developed a wide range of courses for corporate, education, mobility and design work flows and applications. Our courses are designed as a quick start, or a refresher, or an advanced session for busy design, business and education professionals. Our trainers monitor current trends and best practice to deliver the most up to date content to our clients. Each course is accompanied by interactive or PDF notes.

We provide our courses on regular basis across our locations as well as making them available on-demand.

We can customise and can even develop original training programmes for specific and unique software/hardware work-flow.

Intro to macOS

A walkthrough of all the features of macOS to get you up and running with file management, customisation, searching & organising, with an overview of the supplied apps, and all the essentials for a productive experience with your Mac.

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iBooks Authoring

A step by step guide to making an interactive iBook textbook for the iBooks store using iBooks Author. This course is designed for authors to create, design and publish interactive iBook textbooks to the iBooks app using the free software for macOS.

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Final Cut Pro X

Rebuilt from the ground up, this course is a quick paced introduction to this evolutionary upgrade. Final Cut Pro breaks free from the restrictions of old-fashioned timeline tracks. A new, dynamic editing interface lets editors experiment freely while working with extraordinary speed and precision.

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A comprehensive overview of all the features of Keynote with participants creating a presentation using cinematic effects. The course will cover all aspects of making a stunning cinematic keynote presentations that will blow any powerpoint offerings off the stage.

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No longer the consumer little sibling to Final Cut Pro, iMovie has sophisticated and powerful tools for editing video for web, DVD and HD. Packaged with every new Mac, and an inexpensive upgrade for older Macs, iMovie is designed for the novice to the professional.

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MSFT_logo_rgb_C-Gray_D    Office 365 & Windows 10 Training sessions

Office365 training sessions can be deliver onsite or in our training rooms. We will tailor the sessions to your needs and work out a strategic training agenda that suits your needs. Sessions start with two hour show sessions, and can also be run over half or full days.

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Understanding the best use for OneDrive is the key first step in moving to the cloud. OneDrive syncs across, and allows users to access their files from any device. OneDrive allows sharing & collaboration of files as well as version control and back up. Areas covered:

  • Set up One Drive & Accounts
  • What is the the cloud
  • Online docs
  • Syncing
  • Sharing
  • Versions & Recovery

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Looking for the paperless office and being on top of your game?  Experience the power of Microsoft OneNote. An Office 365 tool that takes digital notebooks to the extreme while keeping everything together on all of your devices. Organise, create, and collaborate anytime anywhere with text, audio, video, files, digital ink, and so much more for your business. Areas covered:

  • Set up & shortcuts
  • Screen capture
  • Using OneNote tools
  • Annotations
  • Audio annotation
  • Importing web content
  • Importing with Lens
  • Email to me
  • Sharing notebooks

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides both a file & communication structure for documents, as well as communication via the cloud & multiple devices. Communicate directly with who you need, whilst keeping everyone up to date without flooding team members with emails. Share online interactive & essential documents and resources, plan and allocate tasks & assignments, all whilst automatically filing conversations and documents by subject. Areas covered:

  • Set up
  • Why use Teams
  • Communication channels & conversations
  • Chat & meetings
  • Sharing documents
  • Online docs
  • OneNote & Teams
  • Planner
  • Tabs
  • Syncing documents locally

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Office 365 Online & Desktop apps

Use familiar Office 365 online apps to share and collaborate; use Office desktop apps for full featured work flows . Areas covered include:

  • One Drive
  • Screen capture
  • Sharing
  • Best practice for sharing
  • Versions

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Introducing Windows 10 Anniversary & Inking

Learn the essentials of using the Windows 10 operating system using a touch enabled device. From Start up to configuring common settings, navigating  the interface and launching apps. We will explore desktop and tablet mode and look at the inking options built into Windows 10. Areas covered include:

  • Start & settings
  • Using Apps
  • Ink
  • File Explorer
  • Cortana, Edge, Maps & bundled apps
  • Connecting & sharing securely  

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Anton O’Callaghan

Ba Ed (Media), Cert IV Training & Assessment, Dip Interactive Media, Apple Professional Development, Digital Publishing Suite Adobe Certified Expert, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Apple Teacher, Apple Swift & iOs SDK, Final Cut Pro & Keynote Certification.

Anton is a qualified teacher and trainer, with over 20 years of experience. He has worked in the fields of video production, animation, web development and rich interactive media, incorporating both the Apple and Adobe software suites.

A professional multimedia practitioner with trainer certification, Anton has presented industry seminars and training, as well as developed curriculum and taught at tertiary level.

Anton is passionate about multimedia and the delivery of quality outcomes using efficient and best work practice. He is constantly evolving and developing his own skills and encourages others to join him in the pursuit of excellence.

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