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Future proof your WiFi and networking

Don’t let the network slow you down or be the bottleneck to your organisation’s progress, or your staff’s ability to maintain, manage and upgrade your devices.

More importantly – the flexibility of upgraded wireless networks, the backbone infrastructure and reporting will only improve your organisation’s ability to perform and exceed expectations for students and staff.

We work with a multitude of excellent vendors and know when and why to use the variety of solutions available.
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A more secure, reliable, low-cost network with Cisco.

Think of your network as a platform for delivering the tools and processes that will make your organisation run more efficiently with greater access. Cisco solutions optimize that network to help you respond to the ever-changing demands of your industry.


Reliable and responsive Wi-Fi connectivity in demanding & dense environments.

Xirrus is capable of serving the needs of today’s influx of Wi-Fi demanding devices while potentially reducing the amount of physical Wi-Fi arrays required, and as a result reduce the amount of cable runs required throughout your environment.


Controller-less Wi-Fi Access points. Easily deployed into new & existing networks.

Aerohive networks are efficiently managed centrally through Aerohive’s cloud hosted “HiveManager”. The Centralised Wi-Fi Controller of typical Wi-Fi networks can be one of the biggest bottle necks of throughput on the Wi-Fi network. Aerohive eliminates this with their Cooperative Control Wireless LAN Architecture – a totally Wi-Fi Controller free network. This also means that Aerohive will work on any existing Wi-Fi network, regardless of existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.