Make the move to mobile. Your customers already have.

Companies are looking to mobile as a means to get their brand and content into the pockets of millions of users but lack a plan to deliver content across all platforms.

Enter Zutak with its intuitive, secure Content Management & Publishing Platform, CMP, dedicated application developers and backing of a company built around supporting customers.

Zutak allows you to easily create personalised, fully branded mobile Apps for iOS, Android & Windows through an intuitive cloud-based platform. Using the Zutak CMS, you can simply upload & publish rich content as interactive HTML, PDF, images or videos.

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Zutak Features

Zutak consistently delivers continuity across iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, leaving you to focus your attention on taking your content to the next level. Using the Zutak CMS, you can create and publish rich interactive HTML content or PDFs across the web, mobile and desktop.

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    Zutak works natively on iOS, Android, and Windows. Desktop Web Viewer for macOS is coming in 2019.

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    Restrict and target content for end-users with our powerful entitlement engine.

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    Push Notifications

    Send push notifications to your user’s devices. Push notifications can be targeted or sent to all users.

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    White Label

    Zutak is a white label solution, meaning you theme and brand your Apps to your organisation. Branding includes colours, logo, and fonts.

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    Simplified Publishing

    Zutak provides an intuitive CMS for managing your content. Update using the built-in editor or upload a new file, distribute with one button publish.

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    Powerful Analytics

    At its core, Zutak features a powerful analytics engine, tracking all user engagement from the very moment they open your App.

Zutak App Features

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    Latest Device Support

    Out of the box support for the latest Apple iOS and Android devices

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    Geolocation Triggered Content

    See content based on your location. Extend this feature using beacons.

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    Favourite Content

    Easily save content as a favourite with a single tap to quickly find it later.

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    Active Directory integration for managed authentication.

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    Download Manager

    Visualise and control content downloads, includes entitled content.

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    Save Content Notes

    Add notes to content by simply tapping and typing your comment.

Zutak App Features

Zutak Administration

The intuitive administration portal allows you to manage your content, coupons & vouchers, subscribers, and App analytics at any time through a single powerful, yet simple interface

At its core, Zutak features a powerful analytics engine, tracking all user engagement from the very moment they open your App. Holistically review content trends, see where in the world your content is being downloaded, and view what devices your users own are just some of the detailed reports and charts available on your custom analytics dashboard.

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