Wellful. An introduction to Mindfulness

Combining storytelling, mindfulness and technology, the Wellful catalogue includes courses, sleep meditations, movement meditations, body scan, breathing space and expanding awareness meditations among many other wellness experiences.

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The Innovative Mindfulness Solution

Through these challenging times that we are currently experiencing CompNow has worked closely with Mindfulness expert and meditation master Matt Hopper and Compulsive media to bring to market a new Brand product called Wellful. Wellful is focussed on the mental Health and Wellbeing of all Australian Business’s and their staff.

The platform exists in the form of a Mobile App that can be consumed on demand by your staff with a high-quality content library and Australian theme genres covering many poignant topics that are associated with our current Mental wellbeing.

A Comprehensive Catalogue

The Wellful catalogue includes sleep meditations, an introduction to Mindfulness course, movement meditations, body scan meditations, breathing space and expanding awareness meditations amongst many others Mindfulness practises.

This content relationship could then be further extended to include the production of bespoke Wellness content based on your specific requirements.


Immersive Sound Meditations

The catalogue also includes beautifully produced immersive sound meditations featuring natural Australian landscapes designed to relax the mind and body while teaching mindful listening skills. These immersive sound meditations are recorded using the latest surround sound ambisonic microphones and can be enjoyed as binaural mixes through standard headphones and buds.


Connect to native Australia

Central to the Wellful philosophy is also our connection to native Australian flora and fauna. We encourage engaging with it, enjoying it and preserving it for future generations. Creating this connection to nature is also incredibly important for all Australians because many of us are often over-exposed to screens and can suffer from adverse side effects, which often result, such as anxiety, depression and attention difficulties.

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