Find technology built for your enterprise in our Corporate Catalogue Edition Two 2023.

Read our newest, jam-packed edition featuring the very latest in technology solutions, brought to you by Compnow and our trusted partner vendors.

This edition, we’re all about delivering cost-effective solutions for your organisational cash flow. Discover how we can help assist you with a Compnow as a Service offering across our technology pillars. See how you can access your purchase history and invoicing through our Client Portals and learn how to leverage Compnow Finance in your business model. Finally, find out how our Technology Lifecycle Management business unit can help manage your IT equipment, from roll-out to end-of-life, efficiently and effectively.

This edition features both familiar and new vendors that we’re bringing into the fold, including Verkada, Dell Technologies, Wellful, Veeam and Juniper Networks.

Also included in this edition is a riveting case study on our work with Reliance Worldwide Corporation. Discover how we implemented best pricing practices throughout their entire device procurement service.

Kickstart your 2023 financial year with Compnow!

  • Cash is King. Hear from Compnow’s very own Director. Corporate, Enterprise & Government – Andrew Charles.
  • Learn about Device as a Service for your business.
  • Design effective remote work audio and collaborative solutions for your team, and learn about Compnow’s Microsoft Teams Rooms.
  • Support your enterprise and backup your data with trusted solutions from Compnow Cloud.
  • Follow the latest happenings in Compnow News.
  • Learn how we’re minimising e-waste through our work with Sustain IT.
  • Discover the latest solutions from Verkada, Dell Technologies, Samsung, HP and more.
  • Want even MORE? Check out our YouTube channel, featuring insightful webinars with our customers, suppliers and guests.

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