Earlier in 2019 CompNow were recognised as a HP Certified Healthcare Specialist, becoming one of only six resellers in Australia to have this status.

We are continuing our support of the healthcare sector, supplying equipment & services to more and more local hospital groups in NSW and aged health care facilities Australia wide, as well as other procurement & services throughout Victoria.

This new status allows us to continue our growth, giving us greater abilities and additional support aternatives to provide complete solutions across HP’s healthcare range, including their antimicrobial range of laptops, all-in-one computers and monitors with integrated authentication tools for patient privacy.

Recent Healthcare Conferences

Earlier in 2019, we attended the Australian Healthcare Week in NSW, showcasing the HP range of products among other medical solutions. We also hosted a CIO Roundtable discussion with HP’s Global Head of Health Industries, Reid Oakes, discussing supporting healthcare in the future, along with current global trends.

Even more recently we attended the Victorian Healthcare Week, continuing our growth into the health and aged care sector. We will also be attending the upcoming Health Metrics conference in August.

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