Microsoft Teams allows for easier collaboration & video conferences

Now that Microsoft is transitioning it’s Skype for Business capabilities to Teams, we thought it was time to go through some of the most useful new features.

Anonymous Join

Need to invite someone from outside your organisation to a video meeting who doesn’t have Office 365?

Teams now supports Anonymous Join for guests, meaning anyone with an email address can participate in a meeting if they join via the Edge or Chrome browsers using a Window 10 device, or Chrome using macOS.

When you create a Teams meeting in Teams or in Outlook, the participants receive a calendar invite with a link to join the meeting. If an attendee pastes the link into one of the supported browsers, they get the option to join the meeting via the Teams app or the browser. The browser doesn’t require a login, just a guest name for the others in the meeting. Anonymous users wait in a virtual lobby until the organiser allows them in.

Meeting Organiser

As the meeting organiser you can control how the meeting might run – from allowing guest access via the lobby, to muting participants so you don’t get annoying noises and latecomers will automatically be muted. Your meeting participants can enable their microphone if they need to speak at any stage.


From the sharing tray, users can share their desktop or application windows – including participants from a web browser. Participants using the Teams app can use Application sharing, so that when a desktop is shared, with permission, control can be given to other participants.

CompNow Training

Our training specialists can discuss your needs when it comes to Office 365 & Teams training.

We offer a no obligation hour long overview of how Teams works and how it could be deployed in your organisation. We can come out on-site, arrange a Teams meeting, or you can come to our Notting Hill office for a tour of our facilities as well.

CompNow Audio Visual

Don’t forget our AV team can assist with setting up you room based meeting systems.

We support all the major conferencing hardware & control systems and can put together a bespoke solution to best support your organisation and users. As part of our training programme we can also teach you best practice with your new conferencing technology.

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