HP Release’s G11 Commercial Laptops.

HP has announced its new Gen 11 laptops and products, which feature Poly Studio integration, AI based audio tuning, One Click Pairing, Dynamic Voice Levelling, AI based Noise Reduction, high density turbo fan, and sustainable materials. The 1000 series G11 laptop is made from 90% recycled magnesium, recycled fishing nets, recycled ocean bound plastics, and resin from recycled cooking oil. The Gen 11 devices also have a Windows Copilot Button to access the Copilot AI Assistant.

Compnow’s HP Sales Specialist, Anthony Day gives you the summary of today’s updates.

Exciting times in the world of HP, as they’ve just released information on their new lineup of Generation 11 Laptops and products.

In this video I’d like to quickly outline some of the new key features and changes which will help any HP user be more efficient and effective.

With the acquisition of Poly we now get to see some integration of their solutions into the HP lineup.
The Gen 11 devices come equipped with Poly Studio to provide AI based audio tuning that will provide a clearer audio conference experience for the customer. We also get One Click Pairing with select poly headsets, which will remove the need of the physical dongle.

This is exciting because Poly Studio coupled with HP’s Dynamic Voice Levelling and AI based Noise Reduction will provide a significantly clearer and elite audio conferencing experience for the user.

The next evolution of HP Smart Sense now uses AI to shift between comfort and performance modes based off your usage behaviour. The Gen 11 devices introduce an industry first high density turbo fan that can keep the PC running up to 40% cooler, with a 40% performance enhancement.

HP continue to boast the world’s most sustainable PC Portfolio, and the new G11 range continue to show innovation and dedication towards sustainability.
The 1000 series G11 laptop in particular is the pinnacle of this evolution, with the covers being made out of 90% recycled magnesium. The new keyboards are made from recycled fishing nets and 30% of the speaker box is designed using recycled ocean bound plastics. Further to this, 21% of the bezels are made from resin derived from products including recycled cooking oil and 100% of the packaging is sustainably sourced certified and recycled fibres.

Now lets talk about AI. Every Gen 11 device will come with a Window’s Copilot Button on the keyboard. This button will allow you to quickly and seamlessly access your Copilot AI Assistant to perform tasks and make you more efficient.

Additionally to support the growth of AI in the workplace, these new devices will come equipped with Intel’s new Core Ultra processors with NPU optimisation to run AI workloads. Intel Core Ultra CPU’s are comprised of 3 productivity engines, one for CPU, GPU and NPU. This new hardware based NPU offloads the AI workloads from the CPU which enables real time processing while using less power.

Now shifting out attention to the commercial lineup of ProBook and Elitebooks.

The naming of the models remain the same, with the 400, 600, 800 and 1000 series, however the Gen 11 devices are thinner & lighter compared to the previous generation.

Every Gen 11 laptop now comes standard with a 16:10 aspect ratio display, providing the user with more screen real estate. The keyboards have been redesigned to be larger and general creature comforts have been added including rounded edges and finger recesses for easier lid opening.

If battery life is important to you, you’ll be happy to hear the Gen 11’s come with upgraded batteries, with power consumption tools added to help measure and manage your usage and keep you up and running for longer. Additionally the new SureView 5 provides a clearer / sharper image and importantly draws less power than the previous generation and is expected to give you an extra 1.5 hours of battery life.

Devices will come in 13.3”, 14” and 16” screen sizes with both Intel and AMD options to choose from.

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