JNUC 2022 Sessions Recap with QLD Engineering Manager, Aaron Polley

CompNow’s QLD Engineering Manager, Aaron Polley takes you through his favourite sessions from JNUC 2022 and what the key take aways were overall. He covers everything from Anatomy of Mac Attack to Microsoft Integrations to dealing with IT challenges in war.

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See the keynote recap below from Damian Cavanagh.

User Empowerment
Meets Trusted Access

It’s Jamf Nation User Conference time or JNUC time for short. CompNow sent a crack team of our Jamf admins and engineers to get stuck into the latest and greatest opportunities for the best in class management for Apple devices.

Hear from CompNow Pre-Sales Engineer, Damian Cavanagh for a recap of the JNUC22 opening keynote below.

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The theme for JNUC 2022 is love and trust, which Dean expressed wonderfully with two simple questions:

Do your users love their work technology as much as their personal technology?

Do you trust every device that is accessing your systems?

The phenomenal success of iPhone has fundamentally changed people’s attitudes towards, and expectations of, the technology they use. Users at work or school no longer accept IT as a gatekeeper – they want it to be an enabler. Jamf’s continued focus on providing the best possible user experience on managed Apple devices is the reason they’re the industry standard.

Ask yourself: are we providing our employees, or students and teachers, with the experience they expect?

On trust: the pandemic period has emphasised the importance of flexible, powerful security for users, data and devices. Effective device management and reliable security aren’t separate conversations any more – they’re two halves of a whole.

Device management will remain a core Jamf offering across all their platforms, but to a large extent this isn’t something that requires the same level of discussion on – best practices have matured, Jamf’s offerings in concert with Apple’s devices and software cover more industries and use case than ever. We just don’t need to go over management to the same level of detail any more. The message has been received.

Security, however, especially with remote work or education and an ever growing list of threats – is where we need to focus. Fortunately, Jamf’s growing portfolio of security products is making it even easier to meet your organisation’s requirements without compromising the user experience.

After Dean set the scene, we heard from Jeremy Butcher at Apple. With so many enterprise-focused features announced at WWDC, he had a lot to talk about!

With declarative Device management now supported across all Apple platforms, we’re going to see smarter, more scalable and more performant management capabilities.

Managed device attestation will provide continuous authentication for even better security – “the right user on the right device getting access to the right information”.

On the identity side, we’re getting SSO for platforms as well as for user Enrolment, simplifying account management and again, making for the simplest yet most effective user experience.

Jamf’s CIO, Linh Lam, demonstrated this user enrolment in the next section, supported by Dr Emily Kauslik-Whittle – a very well-known figure on the Mac Admin world! Singing into to a work account in the Settings app, having preconfigured private access to company resources and apps, while giving zero ability to affect personal data, really demonstrates how amazingly well Apple and Jamf work together.

We then heard from Okta’s CEO Todd McKinnon about their relationship with Jamf – as both partners and each other’s customers! The close association is leading even better support for Okta identities within Jamf and apple systems.

Google was up next – Prisa Dabriz from the Chrome Browser team updated us on exactly how effectively you can manage Chrome on Mac or mobile, and preconfigured it to use identity and security features like we’ve heard about above so devices are secure and compliant straight out of the box – without the user knowing any of the details or doing anything other than sign in.

Linh came back for another demo, this time for a Mac onboarding. The standard Mac Setup Assistant was barely seen as a best-practice modern authentication with Jamf Connect and Okta enabled the Mac to be configured automatically with only one set of credentials entered – even enabling FileVault drive encryption without the traditional required restart!

Staying with the Mac, we learned that Jamf’s amazing App Installers feature, providing admins with a greatly simplified packaging and patching workflow, will be coming to Self Service in the first half of 2023. We’re already over 100 software titles supported so we’re looking forward to this feature growing further and making our lives even easier!

Charles Sucur from American Airlines told us how Jamf and Apple devices have revolutionised their business, from airport management, documentation and more.

Jamf’s John Strosal focused on the benefits of modern security, and we heard from global bank, HSBC, about how Jamf has made using Apple devices securely in the fintech world easier than they ever could have hoped.

Amazon’s David Brown, head of EC2, gave us a history of virtual Macs on their platform and gave us some detail on the announcement from only a few days ago that Jamf Pro will be able to manage these virtual Macs!

Michael Devins from Jamf continued with security, emphasising the role of effective identity management. He told us more about another pre-JNUC announcement – Jamf’s acquisition of ZebLabs. Their technology will take Jamf’s industry leading device telemetry monitoring abilities even further ahead of the competition.

He also announced that Jamf Pro will soon provide remote access/administration abilities natively! Soon we won’t need to complicate our lives with third party remote support tools.

Microsoft’s Jason Roszcak told us about the next generation device compliance support Jamf Pro can access through the Endpoint manager integration, which we’ll see next year.

Moving to education, we learned more about some of Jamf community efforts in schools around the world, had a great demo of the impact Jamf Teacher and Jamf Student apps can have on learning and teaching.

And there we go! An amazing keynote packed with great info and perfectly setting the stage for three days of learning from experts in various fields.

If you have questions about any of these topics, contact your CompNow account manager or get in touch via [email protected]

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