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at Oxley Christian College

At Oxley Christian College their goal is create synergy among students and staff so that the learning experience is as seamless as possible. CompNow partnered with Oxley and Microsoft to create a holistic solution including classroom based Microsoft Surface Hubs, Surface Pros for students and staff, all supported by a Swap & Go Loan Pool. Backing up the introduction of the new solution is CompNow Training and Professional Development for staff, and ongoing CompNow Managed Services.

The CompNow team were blown away by the incredible focus on a student centric environment at Oxley, this combined with a real drive to ensure that technology only supports the learning and doesn’t impede the classroom goals. Charmaine Peck the Manager of Oxley Christian College’s ICT Services says “Our technology partners are to help us not only prepare Oxley for a positive future but to also minimise the impact of change on our staff and student learning.”.

Watch the full case study on Oxley’s collaboration journey below:


The Microsoft Surface Hubs have been adopted with open arms at the school, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the customised CompNow Training performed – just as the Surface Hubs were being installed – so that the teachers and staff could maximise the great benefits in the classroom. Soon after the CompNow Professional Development was completed, Victoria was put in to a lockdown due to the pandemic and students were required to learn from home, the majority of teachers continued to use the hubs in the classroom as even virtually the Hubs offered great learning advantages as well as giving the students a more realistic classroom experience.

Alongside this, all students and staff have Microsoft Surface Pros and this enables screen-sharing and greater integration with the classroom and the Surface Hub interactive display. Day-to-day students are also able to access device support from teachers and other students due to the consistent device and operating system environment at the school. This was also included in the customised staff training conducted by CompNow to assist teachers in particular to share files and classroom notes with the Hubs from their Microsoft Surface Pros.

Watch the CompNow Training at Oxley case study below:


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