MacOS Monterey – Upgrade Today

CompNow can help businesses or schools manage upgrades to new operating systems, ensuring all aspects perform as expected – so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us ahead of any planned upgrade. For now, hear from CompNow Systems Engineer, Ella Strong who gives us a guided tour of the new MacOS Monterey features such as Focus, Notes and updates to Safari.

This week the latest and greatest Apple Mac operating system was released. This update comes with a range of new features to speed up your everyday.

Firstly, Safari is redesigned with a smaller address bar making space for your tabs which can now be grouped and named to make it easier to keep your browser workspace tidy.

Mac users now have Focus, giving you control over your notifications when you are doing different activities such as work and personal. When you do get a notification, it will now include the contact photo as you also get the ability to mute a thread of messages if you are stuck in a group chat.

Notes was also updated and now allows for tags to help find a note later as well as @ mentions for someone in shared notes. The new Live Text feature was also released which makes text in images selectable, searchable, or translatable.

Also, FaceTime was updated with some great enhancements such as Portrait Mode, Grid Mode, Voice Isolation, FaceTime Links so you can share with friends and the ability to join FaceTime on the web for people who don’t have an Apple device.

Privacy-wise, you will also now see a recording indicator with the ability to see which apps are using your microphones.

IT managers of Apple Mac’s will now be able to erase all content and settings on managed devices and there were also some improved management of software updates.

Finally, later this year we will see some additional updates with Universal Control, being able to use my mouse across multiple devices. Alongside this, we will also get ‘Airplay to Mac’ giving us access to present on our most beautiful Apple displays.

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